• Primaries on tap for Tuesday

    From Chester County Council representation to who will be the next occupant of the Governor’s Mansion, voters will have a lot of decisions to make as they head to the polls for primary voting on Tuesday.

  • Impact fee study will cost county $40,000

    Chester County doesn’t yet know what sort of charges will be assessed to developers through impact fees but they do know how much they’ll be charged for a study on impact fees.

  • Housing and repair questions dominate at Chester Talk Back

    Note: In Part II of this article about the latest Chester Talk Back session, the questions ranged from access to grants and loans for neighborhood stabilization, to how the same housing program being carried out by the i58 organization in Chester can be applied elsewhere in the county.


    The floor was opened for questions following the introduction of the Talk Back panelists who were mainly in organizations that dealt with the twin topics of housing and neighborhood stabilization.

  • Zoning for new Richburg residential project passes

    It will not single-handedly solve Chester County’s housing problems, but it will be a big step in the right direction.

  • Citizens "Talk Back" on housing issues

    The fourth version of the Chester Talk Back sessions was all about housing and how to best utilize local state and federal resources to stabilize a neighborhood, and what kind of resources were out there to help with the task.

    The tone of the session was set by two questions on a poster that was placed at the back of the Chester County Council chambers where Talk Back took place: ‘What is a way to improve housing in Chester?’ and ‘What is the most important housing need in Chester?’

  • Council shoots down zoning for proposed trailer park

    Members of Chester County Council said they were in favor of residential growth and said they are not against trailers…they just couldn’t support the trailer park proposed for York Road.

  • A growing problem

    Chester County Councilman Alex Oliphant doesn’t want a proposed development in the Richburg area to be halted just because the county isn’t fully ready to handle large-scale residential growth.

    “This is an upscale development that will be extremely beneficial to Chester County,” he said.

    On Monday, Chester County Council passed second reading of a measure to rezone property at 3303 Edgeland Road from R2 (Rural Two) to RG-1 (multi-family residential).

  • County litter crew currently offline

    Chester County’s new litter crew has piled up huge numbers in terms of the amount of track picked up in recent months. Unfortunately, the garbage is likely to just pile up on local roads for a while.

  • Brownfields assessment grant will lead to evaluations of Eureka, Mill No. 1

    A $600,000 grant to the Catawba Regional Council of Governments (COG) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will fund some environmental assessments of potentially contaminated sites, called “brownfield” sites in Chester, Lancaster, Union and York Counties. In Chester County, these funds will allow assessments to be conducted at the Eureka Mill site in Chester and the Republic Mill No. 1 site in Great Falls.

  • Council will discuss rural fire Monday

    On Monday, Chester County’s Rural Fire Board may find out exactly what its role is and authority will be moving forward.