• Voter participation isn't what it used to be, officials say

    What might be called a “dismal” voter turnout for Tuesday’s school bond referendum seems to be a sign of the times, say Chester County Elections officials. Barely 9-percent, a total of 8.75- percent of Chester County’s registered voters came out to vote in the referendum.

    Bill Marion, the chairman of the Chester County Elections Commission, observed on Tuesday evening that at 6 p.m., only 100 voters had voted at the Ella Street location. This is different from what used to happen, Marion said.

  • Bain: Stock market volatility won't impair $38 million school bond

    Chester County School District Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain said even the recent violent ups and downs of the stock market won’t stop the school district from getting the best interest rates they can for their proposed $38 million school bond.

  • School Board approves resolution on EOC

    At a special called meeting on Monday night, the Chester County School Board approved a resolution in support of state Sen. Mike Fanning’s bill to dissolve the state Education Oversight Committee (EOC) and shift their powers and duties to the S.C. Department of Education (SCDE).

    The board discussed the resolution first at their January meeting, where Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain told them the S.C. School Boards Association (SCSBA) released a Statement of Belief and several school superintendents across the state were bringing the information to their school boards.

  • School district battling the flu

    The Chester County School District is like most school districts in the state, dealing with the flu epidemic that is sweeping South Carolina.

    A spokesperson for the school district said they aren’t sure how many student absences are due to flu because the notes local physicians are sending back with those students when they return to class don’t always state flu was the reason for the absence.

    Other reasons for absences are other common childhood illnesses, the school district said.

  • Not everyone on board with referendum

    Some see it as a Trojan horse method of implementing school consolidation, some question the price paid for land and some see it as throwing good money after bad, but for a myriad of reasons, there is opposition to this Tuesday’s school bond referendum.

  • Giti VP: New workforce center would be “a win-win”

    The educational offerings that would be available to students at the proposed workforce and career center would not only be a benefit to local industries, according to Vice President of Manufacturing for Giti Tire USA Hank Eisenga.

    “If you think about where South Carolina is in terms of workforce development, that is a component that is a win-win to the individual, the industry and the community as a whole,” he said.

  • District wants to dispel referendum "myths"

    As the day of the voting for the school bond referendum gets closer, the Chester County School District is working to provide as much information to the public as they can about the referendum, which if passed, will authorize the school district to issue bonds up to $38 million for the construction of a new Career and Workforce Development Center and taking care of maintenance issues for almost every school in the district.

  • School district made "electric lemonade" out of ransomware "lemons"

    UPDATE: As of Monday morning, the Chester County School District reported their computer systems are back up and running. They chose not to pay the ransom demanded by the ransomware hackers and instead rebuilt the system from backups that were already in place.

    A statement issued by the district Monday night said all systems were functional and most services were back online.

  • Chamber will host town hall meeting on school bond referendum

    The Chester County Chamber of Commerce will hold a town-hall type meeting on the upcoming $38 million Chester County school bond referendum beginning at 6 p.m. on Feb. 8 at the Roddey Government Complex in Chester.

  • Fanning introduces bill to disolve education oversight committee

    State Senator Mike Fanning (Dist. 17) hasn’t expended all of his energies fighting against giant energy companies, he’s also turned his attention towards improving education in the state as well.