• Reading carnival kicks off Read Feed Succeed

    The Chester County School District’s Reading and Math Community Carnival transformed the Rodman Sports Complex into a combination county fair, circus-come-to-town and carnival complete with inflatables, some good food and lots of educational opportunities and chances for free books.

  • Teacher appreciation was like, awesome

    The Chester County Teacher Appreciation event brought back leg warmers, mullets and glowing neon colors as they celebrated the teachers with an ‘I love the 80’s’ theme.

    In a like, totally awesome move, gnarly LHS Journalism /English teacher Pete Stone was chosen at the 2019-2020 District Teacher of the Year. And to coin another phrase, Chester County teachers were told they were like, totally radical by their own Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain and by Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart.

  • Peer-to-peer, face-to-face

    “Vaping,” smoking e-cigarettes, is harmful to you.

    Don’t drink if you’re underage.

    Don’t smoke weed.

    Chester Middle School students have likely heard these same messages from parents, pastors and teachers. But how much more impactful are these same messages when delivered by their peers and role models?

  • Educators take lawmakers to school

    About 10,000 teachers from across South Carolina took state lawmakers to school on Wednesday as they gathered first at the S.C. Department of Education and then walked to the S.C. Statehouse where they held their teacher rally.

    Several school districts, led in this effort by the Chester County School District, closed for the day in support of teachers so they could attend the May 1st rally.

  • School district closed Wednesday in support of teacher rally

    The Chester County School District closed all district schools on May 1st to allow teachers to participate in the #ALLOutMay1 teacher walkout and rally in support of public education at the S.C. Statehouse.

    The CCSD issued the following statement from Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain Thursday morning:

    “On May 1, teachers from across the state of South Carolina will rally at the South Carolina Statehouse in support of the call to action for educators across the state to make their voices heard for education reform in our state.

  • New facility option, costs presented to school board

    At the February meeting, representatives of the architectural firm tasked with coming up with options for Chester County School District facilities presented seven scenarios for the board to consider regarding their facilities. At the March meeting, the firm put price tags on those options.

  • Always an educator

    Chester County School District Teacher of the Year Jessica Pakozdy told the assembled group of retired teachers they may have hung up their schoolbooks, but they were still – and always would be –


    The retirees were honored recently at the fourth annual Retirees Luncheon at the Gateway Conference Center.

  • Fort: "Option number one is not an option"

    School planners presented more details on a total of eight (seven with one variation) facility construction/renovation options to the Chester County School Board at their March meeting.

    The options didn’t sit well with one former school district educator, who called it “putting the cart before the horse.”

  • School board votes not to pay law firm

    Following a lengthy executive session, the Chester County School Board voted to not pay invoices presented to them by the Duff & Childs law firm. The vote was two in favor and three board members opposed. Board chair Dr. Anne Collins abstained from the vote. The District 5 seat held by the late Patricia Hampton will remain vacant until a special election in May.

    At issue are five invoices for work connected with representing the school district for a total of $18,205.

  • David vs. Goliath...Part II

    Like David before Goliath, State Sen. Mike Fanning is standing in the path of a giant, getting ready to do battle, with only sling and five smooth stones against a sword. Only in this case, the sword is House Speaker Jay Lucas’ education reform bill and the stones are Fanning’s points of opposition to the bill.


    Sleight of hand