• An "education overhaul"

    No one who knows what he is passionate about would be surprised that State Sen. Mike Fanning (D. Dist. 17), an educational professional and former teacher, has some education-related bills in the works. Some might be surprised that he has so many, but that’s just the thoroughness with which Fanning approaches every subject he finds an interest in.

    Fanning spoke by phone recently to The N&R about the slate of bills he has pre-filed for the January 2019 session of the General Assembly.

  • Career Center Completers get certificates at winter awards program

    Don’t call it just an awards program. With 75 Chester County Career Center students completing the courses in their majors, the awards program was more like a Winter Graduation.

    A completer is a student that has earned all of the required elements in a career and technology program.

    Career Center Director Thomas Barr told the parents and friends of the graduates he has enjoyed getting to know the students. The Career Center year begins in January and ends in December.

  • Board meeting on legal fees gets heated

    Retiring Chester County School Board Chair Dense Lawson’s last meeting was not without its share of drama Monday night as school board members had some sharp words over  some charges made to the district by one of the law firms the school board has retained.

    At the center of the issue was a letter sent to the school district by David Duff of the Duff and Childs law firm concerning legal service fees that the district has not yet paid.

  • School board honors Lawson for 24 years of service

    At their November meeting, the Chester County School Board said thank you to one of their own. School Board Chair Denise Lawson will retire in January after 24 years of service to the school district.

  • School district will use biometrics for student ID

    You use them to access your phones and your tablets, now biometrics are coming to school lunchrooms in Chester County.

    Biometrics, according to an entry in Wikipedia has to do with body measurements and calculations. Biometric systems are being used by consumers to provide unique identification to unlock smart phones, tablets and even some vehicles. The Chester County School District is implementing a biometric system of its own.

  • Instruction Department: Results for county students on state tests mixed

    When it comes to state-required testing, the results for Chester County students have been a mixed bag. Based on the data from tests such as SC PASS and SC Ready and the SAT and ACT and how our scores compare across the district and the state of S.C., there are some incredible highs and some devastating lows.

  • Report card for county schools disappointing...super questions some scores

    The State Department of Education released the school and district report cards earlier this month as part of the state and federal accountability system.

    The 2018 report cards reflect how the district and the schools scored on several different criteria during the 2017-2018 school year.

  • District answers questions on school safety

    Note: Several of the speakers at November’s Chester County School Board meeting brought up some issues of school safety, what was happening with the active shooter training for school and district personnel and what had happened to the efforts to get another School Resource Officer (SRO) at Chester Middle School.

    Based on these comments, The News & Reportersubmitted a list of six questions about school safety to Chester County Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain and the school district.


  • Speakers take board, district to task over school safety threats

    School board members and senior school district administrators are used to having people question their decisions, tell them they are no good at their jobs and calling them names. At November’s Chester County School Board meeting, they got all three.

  • County seniors get a glimpse of business world during Career Expo

    Seniors from Chester, Lewisville and Great Falls high schools streamed through the doors at the Gateway Conference Center to get some info on the businesses and industries in Chester County that might be their future employers.

    Although the rain kept the displays and exhibits inside, that didn’t stop the students from visiting the many booths set up by the likes of the City of Chester, the SCDOT and Highway Patrol, Roseburg Forest Products and the U.S. Coast Guard (at the Expo for the first time).