• County seniors get a glimpse of business world during Career Expo

    Seniors from Chester, Lewisville and Great Falls high schools streamed through the doors at the Gateway Conference Center to get some info on the businesses and industries in Chester County that might be their future employers.

    Although the rain kept the displays and exhibits inside, that didn’t stop the students from visiting the many booths set up by the likes of the City of Chester, the SCDOT and Highway Patrol, Roseburg Forest Products and the U.S. Coast Guard (at the Expo for the first time).

  • SLED investigates school district over handling of incident at LMS

    The State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is opening an investigation into both an incident at Lewisville Middle School where a student reportedly made threats to another student and also how the administrators at both the school and Chester County School District handled the incident.

    The student was charged by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office with making threats to another student.

    The school district’s response to this incident prompted a request by Sixth Circuit Solicitor Randy Newman for SLED to begin an investigation.

  • Board emails show concern for safety, public engagement and mentoring program

    Members of the Chester County School Board appeared to move on from the failed bond referendum, questioned changes in a mentoring program and may have had worries about security in meetings according to emails obtained by The News & Reporter.

  • The 2,000-foot high workplace

    When you speak about the emerging field of drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operation and certification and what people can get out of it, all sorts of phrases come to mind.

    Look to the sky.

    Your future is taking off.

    The sky is the limit.

    You get the idea. But for the first group of students and instructors taking drone certification class at the Chester County Career Center, the sky isn’t a limit and it might be their new workplace.

  • "Hallow-STEAM" showcases arts aspects of CMS STEAM curriculum

    STEAM on Halloween.

    It sounds like the title of one of those paranormal romances where a werewolf falls in love with a store clerk who learns she has magical powers, until you realize the that STEAM stands for the Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math curriculum at Chester Middle School. In fact CMS was recently named the first ever STEAM School of Excellence in South Carolina by the Palmetto State Arts Education organization.

  • Emails hint at issues related to Bain lawsuit

    A review of a month’s worth of emails by members of the Chester County School Board gives some limited insight into the conspiracy to defame lawsuit against Board Chair Denise Lawson filed by Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain.

    The emails were obtained by the newspaper through a FOIA request that was filed shortly after Bain filed her lawsuit in July. Initially, the district told the News & Reporter that it would incur a cost of nearly $2,000 to obtain the emails, but after a meeting with the newspaper’s editorial staff, Bain agreed to waive the fee.

  • School Board candidates focus on facilities, security

    Note: We asked each of the candidates seeking a seat on the Chester County School Board three questions:

    1. What initiative or program the Chester County School District has currently ongoing that you’d really like to be involved in?
    2. What do you see as the most crucial issue for the school district five to 10 years down the road?
    3. What’s your message to the citizens?


  • R-F-S from a volunteer's perspective

    (RFS) program run by the Chester County School District kept a journal about the program. Here are some thoughts she wrote down:


    'We were given the opportunity to take part in the Read-Feed-Succeed program at Chester County. We qualified to have the program from Jul 9th to August 2nd on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m...This program will help our children to read and understand what they read better. Some children lose some of these skills over the summer when there is no school.

  • R-F-S- was a success

    Challenge of the Chester County School District’s Read-eed-Succeed (RFS for short) initiative: get students reading, feed them a nutritious meal each day (sometimes more than once) during the summer and get them to succeed in their academic careers.

  • Students explore career option during Career Expo

    Chester County senior high school students will have a chance to explore career options that might be right on their doorstep during the annual Career Expo held today at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg.

    The Career Expo is organized by Abby Brunson, Global Career facilitator for the Chester County School District. She said she has a good list of businesses and industries that are participating in this year’s Expo.