• York Tech dual enrollment students graduate

    Just about the time they were thinking about high school graduation, 15 Chester County high school seniors were already getting their college credentials through the school district’s dual enrollment program with York Tech.

    The graduates and their parents who helped support them, were recognized at a ceremony recently at York Tech Chester Center.

  • Reading carnival kicks off Read Feed Succeed

    The Chester County School District’s Reading and Math Community Carnival transformed the Rodman Sports Complex into a combination county fair, circus-come-to-town and carnival complete with inflatables, some good food and lots of educational opportunities and chances for free books.

  • The original "pole dancers"

    It’s a good thing that the utility line worker students from Chester County at York Tech didn’t skip Leg Day this week. They needed all the strength in their limbs to climb the poles set up in the pole orchard at York Tech Chester Center and they needed their newly-learned skills to be able to help the York Comprehensive and Clover High students they mentored later in the week.

    The first week of school at the Chester Center of YTC was also the first week of the utility line worker classes at York Tech, the first time they had been offered.

  • Lovern explains why she's voting no on bond referendum

    At their August meeting, the Chester County School Board voted 6-1 to approve the language and set the date for a $116.5 million bond referendum. Chester County School Board member Sandy Lovern was the lone dissenting vote in approving these preliminary steps towards a bond referendum. In a statement to The N&R released a few days after the meeting, Lovern explained why she voted ‘no.’

  • Board examines three options for Chester High, Career Center construction

    The Chester County School Board was briefed on the draft plans for Chester High School and the Chester County Career Center at a recent worksession as part of the facilities improvement plan discussion.

    The board also discussed the criteria for any potential purchases of property for Chester High School and the Chester County Career Center.

    “This is the first step in determining what criteria we need for any property purchase,” explained Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain, “what are the actual qualities of a piece of property,” she said.

  • Speakers voice concerns on school facility plans

    A total of five public speakers were able to come to the podium to voice their concerns on the school facility plans at the Chester County School Board’s August meeting.

    Before the public comment period, Board Chair Dr. Anne Collins reminded the crowd that the public comment period is 15 minutes at every board meeting and since speakers are allotted three minutes each, the board would be able to listen to only the first five speakers who had signed up to speak.

  • School board settles on referendum size, date

    The Chester County School Board took one step closer to the capital improvement bond referendum at their August meeting as they voted 6-1 on the language for the referendum, the total amount they would ask for and the date the referendum would appear on a ballot. Board member Sandy Lovern voted against the choice of bond referendum language and the date set.

  • Something to cheer about at Lewisville

    They were already named All-Americans, now they are shooting for All-World.

    Recently, six members of the Lewisville High School cheerleading team were named All-American by the Universal Cheer Association. With that honor comes an invitation to participate in a New Year’s Day parade in London. Two members of the team, Faith Thomas and Jada Fossett, plan to be across the pond to cheer in 2020.

  • ATL will get school speed limit signs

    From now on, traffic will have to slow down when they are approaching the Academy for Teaching and Learning on Hinton Street in Chester.

    A neighbor of the ATL’s recently shared on social media a letter Chester County Councilman Alex Oliphant received from S.C. DOT District 4 Engineering Administrator Jason Johnson.

    Based on Oliphant’s request, the SCDOT conducted a study to determine the need for additional signs or pavement markings. The study will lead to the installation of two School Speed Limit 25MPH signs on Hinton Street.

  • York Tech has message for former students: We want you back

    Former York Tech students, the school is calling you. No, you don’t still owe anything for that library book, the school wants you to come back to campus and finish your degree or certification. And they’re even willing to pay for it.

    The Reconnect with York Tech program is for former students of YTC in York, Chester and Lancaster Counties who did not complete their course of study, explained Dr. Monique Perry, Associate VP of Enrollment Management.