• Testing, taxes and consolidation talk

    The final of a series of six community engagement meetings held by Chester County School Bard took place recently at the Lowrys Community Center. The meetings were open forums for the citizens to discuss the future and direction of the school district in light of the failed bond referendum that would have funded the constriction of a new career center and some deferred maintenance at schools across the district.

    What follows is a selection of comments from that meeting.

  • There's an App(lication) Day for that

    For high school seniors looking to apply to the school of their choice, playing off the words of the Apple iPhone commercials, counselors at Chester High School could have told them: 'There's an App(lication) Day for that'.

    For a high school senior, this final school year means making a lot of memories, filling out a lot of forms and making a lot of decisions. One of those decisions, and one that involves some filling out of forms, is where to apply on College App (Application) Day.

  • Citizens give more feedback on future of school district

    Note: A community engagement meeting held by the Chester County School District took place at the Fort Lawn Community Center. Citizens in the area had a chance to express their views on the general topic: the future of the school district. This is Part II of the report on the comments from that meeting.


    Libby Sweatt-Lambert, director of the Fort Lawn Community Center, first told the school board about the Community Heart & Soul initiative that people in the 29714 zip code are participating in.

  • Community expresses views on school district's future direction

    Chester County School Board continued to gather information from the public at their community engagement meetings. The latest meeting was held at the Fort Lawn Community Center at the invitation of the Community Heart & Soul group.

    Board chair Denise Lawson set the tenor of the conversation for the evening, though because it was an open forum, a lot of different topics were open for discussion.

  • Judge will hear motions to dismiss Bain lawsuit

    Circuit Court Judge Brian Gibbons is scheduled to hear arguments in Chester County court on Sept. 26 on the motion by attorney Ken Childs to strike certain portions or dismiss entirely the lawsuit brought against Childs and Chester County School Board chair Denise Lawson by Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain, alleging defamation and civil conspiracy.

  • District answers allegations of Slayman suit
  • Defendants answer Slayman lawsuit

    The defendants named in the recent lawsuit filed by former Chester County Superintendent Dr. Agnes Slayman have filed an answer to the allegations made in the complaint.

  • CCSD to hold school board candidate forum

    Incumbents and some new candidates have filed to run in the upcoming Chester County School Board races on Nov. 6. Before that election, the Chester County School District thinks voters ought to know how the candidates feel on issues. According to Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain, the district will sponsor a school board candidate forum in September.

    The forum will be held on Sept. 27 from 6-8 p.m. at Chester Middle School.

    Former Registrations and Elections Director and Chester radio personality Earl Moore will be the forum moderator.

  • Q & U say "I do"

    The ceremony wasn’t quick. It wasn't quiet. Many people said it was quaint and some thought it was romantic, so it was in a way, quixotic, but it was certainly “q’ute.” The ceremony was the long-awaited marriage of Mr. Q and Miss U at the Academy of Teaching and Learning in Chester.

    The wedding was the brainchild of ATL kindergarten teachers Jessica Darby and Jess Doster.

  • Unity, looking forward topics at school district community meeting

    It was a little bit like an old-fashioned tent meeting. There were calls for unity and talk of looking after the souls and bodies of the flock and a desire to look to the future and not dwell on the past, and when the Spirit moved her, Pastor Angela Boyd even preached a little. But the meeting wasn’t a revival, or even a gathering of the members of the Chester County Ministerial Association. It was a school board community engagement meeting.