• TruVista increasing local internet speeds

    Crews working for TruVista Communications are busy stringing fiber optic cable in different places in the Chester area this week in efforts to improve the quality of their service.

    According to a statement from TruVista President and CEO Brian Singleton, "TruVista construction crews are now working in the Chester area with the goal of improving our quality of service and providing greater availability of higher Internet speeds.” 

  • Chamber members, officers look to the future

    Chamber board members, members and guests took time to celebrate the past and look ahead to what the future holds at the recent Chester County Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

    Chamber President Brooke Clinton talked about the Chamber’s new logo, which was introduced at the banquet.

  • Former oil recycler owes more than $2.5 million in back taxes

    It was touted as bringing jobs and a big financial investment to Chester County, but it has now ceased operations and rolled up a hefty tax bill.

  • Jones-Hamilton plant manager briefs LEPC on plant operations

    What plant in Chester County manufactures product used in pickles as well as poultry litter? The answer is the Jones-Hamilton Chemical Company plant in Richburg.

    Plant manager (and Richburg native) Will Gist gave a brief overview of operations at his plant to the January meeting of the Chester County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

  • Enjoy a laugh and a meaningful message at this year's Chamber Banquet

    The Chester County Chamber of Commerce has set this year’s Annual Banquet for Jan. 26 at the Gateway Conference Center. The featured speaker is someone who will be a familiar face to many in Chester County. Renowned humorist and inspirational speaker Glen Ward will return as the speaker this year.

    “I’m absolutely delighted to be able to come and speak for the Chamber again. I spoke several years ago at a Chamber Banquet, and I was contacted by Chamber President Brooke Clinton and asked to come back, and that’s an honor for me,” said Ward.

  • Roddey meant business, a lot of business for county

    When it came to economic development and the health of Chester County, long time Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey meant business. It was under his administration, both the first and second times in office, that Chester County saw the most industrial growth, bringing the county out of the slump created by the withdrawal of the Springs Corporation textile plants in the region.

    The advent of Sunfiber, Jones-Hamilton and Giti Tire all happened under Roddey’s administration and due to his vision, a vision shared by those who worked for him.

  • KJ's Market offers customers a different shopping experience

    Manager Chad Friel and his staff along with corporate representatives cut the ribbon on the newest star in the Chester supermarket galaxy, the all-new KJ’s Market.

    “KJ’s is owned by King and Johnson. They own 43 stores across South Carolina and Georgia. There’s a new KJ’s Market that recently opened in Winnsboro,” Friel said. KJ’s is part of the Independent Grocer’s Association (IGA).

    He said there are some features at this market that make it unlike anything Chester has seen before.

  • CompuCom bringing 1,500 jobs to the region

    More growth is coming to the region as a huge economic development project was announced for Lancaster County Thursday.

    CompuCom, Systems, Inc., a leading technology infrastructure services company, is locating its new global headquarters operations in Lancaster County. The new development is projected to bring $41 million in new capital investment and lead to the creation of 1,500 new jobs over the next five to seven years, making this the largest single job announcement in Lancaster County history.


  • Unusual and hard-to-find now has a new address: No. 9 Junktion

    If it’s unusual, hard-to-find or just plain scarce, you’ll probably find it at its new address, No. 9 Junktion outside of Richburg.

  • Stuart briefs Rotary on economic development

    The Chester Rotary Club got to hear a briefing on Chester County economic development issues from one of their own recently; Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart was inducted into the club and as his first official act as a Chester Rotarian, by way of presenting the program, was asked to provide an update on Chester County issues.
    Stuart, never shy about public speaking, did so with a will. He touched on topics ranging from the latest news from Giti Tire, Carolina Poly and PPG to announcements of some personnel changes at Chester County.