• Council approves fee-in-lieu of aggreement, jobs and $45 million investment in the offing

    Chester County Council approved a resolution Monday night for a fee-in-lieu of tax agreement. The industry involved was not named, but County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey said the end result will be a large financial investment in the county and the creation of jobs.
    The industry involved is referred to in the agreement as "Project 1036." Two economic projects were discussed in executive session during the council's last meeting, with 1036 being one of those. The project will be an expansion of an existing industry.

  • A permanent pot for pets

    Rocky Pollard of Pollard's Funeral Home has been in the funeral profession since 1980, he said. His strong desire to extend his funeral service commitment recently prompted him to offer pet cremations.
    Since July, Pollard has provided cremation services to 10 pet owners through Poco's Pet Services.
    “We provide people with a traditional way of memorializing their pet,” Pollard said. “Our desire is to personalize service.”
    At the present, Pollard provides cremations for dogs, cats, birds and reptiles, he said.

  • New Grocery store opens its doors

    The building that once housed Winn-Dixie is open for business as a grocery store again.
    On Thursday, Save-A-Lot officially opened its doors in Chester. On Monday, Steve Antonetti, a Save-A-Lot representative, addressed Chester City Council.
    "We're glad to be part of this community," Antonetti said. "Chester is a beautiful place."

  • Harmony Hills Nursery and Landscaping in new location

    Claude Mauldin, Jr. took a job as a teenager just for the opportunity to drive farm equipment, he said. It was hard to imagine back then that this childhood interest would lead to his future career.
    “At age 13, I always wanted to drive a tractor,” Mauldin said. “I took a job at the original Harmony Hills Nursery in Edgemoor just to drive that tractor.”

  • Springs to sell L&C

    One of the last vestiges of Springs Global – the L&C Railway Co. – is being sold to a Tennessee-based railroad company.
    According to a press release issued Tuesday, Gulf & Ohio Railways Inc., and L&C Railway Co., headquartered in Lancaster, announced the pending sale. Gulf & Ohio is based in Knoxville.
    The sale is expected to be finalized by November, the release said.

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