• Hunter's Spring Show

    Hunter's Creative Florist at 182 Saluda St. has served the Chester and Great Falls areas for the past 21 years, said owner Terry Hunter. On Sunday, April 1 from 2 to 6 p.m., she'll present her second annual Spring Show which is Chester's own version of the Southern Living Show. Hunter invites Chester and surrounding communities to come see the items for homes and gardens that she has to offer.
    “We'll have ferns, plants, garden stakes, flags and much more,” she said. “We just want to support Chester. That's the biggest thing!”

  • Rolled Alloys officially announces arrival in Richburg

    News of Rolled Alloys' Rolled Alloys arrival in Richburg first came to light at a Chester County Council meeting last week. The company made its announcement official on Thursday.
    As the News & Reporter first reported on March 5, Rolled Alloys, a provider of specialty alloys, announced plans to locate a new facility in Chester County. The $3.7 million investment is expected to generate 24 new jobs.

  • Jones-Hamilton makes it official

    A press release issued on Tuesday officially touted what was already known; Jones-Hamilton is coming to Chester County.
    As the News & Reporter first reported on February 20, the Ohio-based chemical manufacturer and marketer will locate a plant in Chester.
    The $29 million investment is expected to create 15 new jobs.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Rolled Alloys coming to county

    For the second time in as many Chester County Council meetings, Economic Development Director Karlisa Parker had good news in the form of an industrial announcement.
    Parker announced that Rolled Alloys, based in Ohio, would be locating in an existing building in the county.
    "Rolled Alloy has committed to come to Chester County," Parker told Chester County Council.

  • McKeown project takes another step

    It took a few years of mostly behind-the-scenes work, but soon everyone will be able to see the benefits of a refurbished McKeown Building.
    On Monday, Chester City Council accepted a bid from McKenzie Construction and spending an additional $25,000 dollars from the capital improvement fund
    "The is good news for the city's economic development," said Mayor Wanda Stringfellow.

  • Economic development committee already at work

    The City of Chester's new economic development committee is only two weeks old, but has already begun its work.

  • City pool getting big upgrade

    A vote to add a 40-foot slide to the Chester City pool was unanimous on Monday. A decision on who gets to go down it first was not.
    "I've been told I get to slide down it first," said Councilwoman Annie Reid.
    "I want to go first," said Councilwoman Betty Bagley, before saying she'd actually be a little intimidated.
    There will be ample time for everyone to use the slide. City Recreation Director Jack Sink said it will be ready to go by the time the pool opens this summer.

  • Want to farm? Learn how locally

    Gloria Kellerhals is excited....and she has every right to be.
    A project she helped champion a couple of years ago is coming to fruition.
    George Russell, corporate and continuing education division project manager at York Technical College, announced that York Tech will offer a new certificate program in Sustainable Agriculture this spring.
    Russell, a graduate of N.C. State with a degree in horticulture, oversees Tech's “green” program.

  • BREAKING NEWS: "Project 1032" revealed

    "Project 1032" is no longer just a code number.

  • Chester IGA gets third five-star rating

    For the third consecutive year, the Chester IGA has been awarded its company's prestigious Five Star rating. There are more than 1,600 stores nationwide, and about 240 received this honor. Five stores from S.C. received the five star rating, said Chester IGA Manager Joe Schillaci.
    “It's an excellent achievement for Chester IGA,” Schillaci said. “We try to work toward the five-star excellence.”