• Bobby Edwards, Catawba Fish Camp owner, remembered

    Talk about an endorsement.

    At one time, if you were talking to an out-of-towner and mentioned Lancaster, you would often get back: “Lancaster? That’s where the fish camp is.”

    Robert “Bobby” Edwards, the hands-on, hard-working owner who gave Catawba Fish Camp that landmark status – one of the most popular eateries in the Carolinas – died Friday morning at White Oak Manor. He was 88.

  • Giti Tire VP of Manufacturing gives update on plant

    Hank Eisenga, Vice President of Manufacturing at the Giti Tire plant in Richburg, gave his fellow business and industry contemporaries an update on activities at the plant. Eisenga was the featured speaker at the networking lunch that businesses and industry reps that had participated earlier in the morning at the Career Expo attended.

  • "We chose here"

    Eric Geyer, director of strategic business development and external affairs for Roseburg Forest Products was in charge of site selection for their $200 million investment. He had this to say at the Roseburg Open House on Wednesday as to why the company chose Chester as the site for their new plant: “The world was our option. We chose here.”

  • Holiday Inn Express breaks ground in Richburg

    Chester Development Association Chair Mike Enoch is fond of saying, “Chester is the Center Of the Universe.” The Center of the Universe now has a hotel.

  • Roseburg Town Hall meeting is tonight

    A reminder, the town hall type meeting where officials of Roseburg Forest Products, one of the newest industries to locate in Chester County, will be held tonight at the Gateway Conference Center beginning at 5:30 p.m.

  • Patels pursue their passion with new Holiday Inn Express

    The owners and managers of the new Holiday Inn Express in Richburg go by the motto, “hospitality is our passion.” They will demonstrate that today when they break ground on the new Holiday Inn Express, which will be located next to the campus of the Gateway Conference Center. The groundbreaking is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m.

    Bhavin Patel, vice president of Management and Finance for HMS Management, sat down with The N&R for an exclusive interview to discuss the new hotel and what it can mean for the area.

  • IBHS blows everybody away...eventually

    Research, development and experiments can often be unpredictable…just like the weather.

  • Local officials react to Giti Tire opening

    Call it a tread cutting, not a ribbon cutting.

    In fact, at the grand opening of the 1.7 million square foot Giti Tire plant facility in Richburg, there was no ribbon cut and maybe no tread was actually even cut. Some tires were made, though, as part of their tour of the facility, S.C. Governor Henry McMaster and Walmart CEO Greg Foran each made two during the ceremony.

  • Arlene McGiver: A Giti associate’s story

    Many people at the opening of the Giti Tire plant on Wednesday told the story of Giti Tire and what the coming of that plant meant to Chester County and how it is reshaping not only the landscape but the lives of the people, but the story was told best by the people who work in the 1.7 million square foot facility in their own words.

    Giti employee Sylvester Foote was seen on a Walmart video talking about what the career at Giti Tire meant to him and his family.

  • Not just "another" tire company

    It seems hard to believe, but at one point, Giti Tire probably seemed like just another tire company to Chester County economic development leaders.

    It is not widely known, but in one stretch of just over a year, Chester County was the potential landing spot for four different tire manufacturers.