• Chamber banquet will introduce "buy local" campaign

    The Chester County Chamber of Commerce staff and volunteers are busy putting the finishing touches on this year’s Chamber Banquet, the 61st edition of this popular night out in Chester County.

    Chamber President Brooke Clinton said the banquet is set for Jan. 24th, beginning at 6 p.m. with a “Mix and Mingle” cocktail hour sponsored by Walker Electric and banquet and membership meeting at 7 p.m. Dress for the event is business attire. The event takes place at the Gateway Conference Center.

  • Coatex: French (or Swiss) for ‘Twenty years of success’

    The specialty chemical manufacturer Coatex recently celebrated 20 years in Chester County. Coatex plant manager Raj Bhadauria said the company has found success in Chester County for 20 years because of the location and the working climate.

    “This has been a perfect location for us, with access to interstate, access to two railroads. That was the original driving force behind why we located here,” Bhadauria, who has been with Coatex for 13 of those 20 years, said.

  • PACCC gets an "Express" briefing on new hotel

    At their November meeting the members of the Progressive Association of Chester County Communities (PACCC) got an “express” briefing on the under construction Holiday Inn Express in Richburg from one of the guys who is building it.

    Bhavin Patel, Vice President of Management for developer HMS, Inc. of Chester, gave PACC and update on the construction of the Holiday Inn Express and Suites, located next to the Gateway Conference Center. A tree-lined walkway will connect the hotel and suites to the Conference Center.

  • Trench Warfare

    Over the past 100 days, a group of hard-bitten, dust-covered men have daily been descending into a trench to do battle with their foe. Is it a group of World War I reenactors holding the Maginot Line against the Boche? Miners working in a coal mine, battling the earth to bring out lumps of anthracite? Actually it’s a little bit of both: mining and also battle, what some might call “trench warfare.”

    And the enemy is a wall of solid granite.

  • A healthy move?

    The pending sale of Chester Regional Medical Center to the Medical University of South Carolina will connect the rural hospital with the resources of MUS, but it may also be a large tax hit for Chester County.

    Currently, the hospital is owned by the for-profit Community Health Systems, which proposes to sell Chester Regional Medical Center, Springs Memorial Hospital in Lancaster and Carolinas Health System facilities in Florence and Mullins to the Medical University of South Carolina.

  • Borrowing 101 participants learn the five "Cs"

    The participants in the S.C. Community Loan Fund (SCCLF) “Borrowing 101” workshop went back to school as they learned their ABCs all over again, but these ABCs stood for things like “Applications” “Balance Sheets” and “Credit”. They were also introduced to the “Five Cs of Credit”.

    The Borrowing 101 workshop was held by the SCCLF so entrepreneurs and other potential borrowers

    could learn about applying for and obtaining financing for their community development projects.

  • Friends and Farmers for Fishing Creek: We stopped the rock quarry

    Note: This article continues comments made by Jerry Meade, the Hard Rock Aggregates project engineer on the Fishing Creek Quarry project and Roxanne James, an organizer of the Friends and Farmers for Fishing Creek group who opposed the quarry. On Nov. 5, Hard Rock withdrew the application to DHEC to construct a rock quarry.


  • Carolina Poly expansion will create 75 new jobs

    Carolina Poly, Inc., a venture of Poly-America, one of the largest polyethylene film manufacturers in the United States, is expanding its Chester County operations. This announcement was previously reported in The News & Reporter. The company's $25 million capital investment is projected to create 75 new jobs.

  • Solid as oak

    The Roseburg plant manager and project director for the Chester Engineered Wood plant say the main structure of the plant is up and they’re waiting to install the equipment. There is also some limited hiring taking place at the plant say plant manager Mark Allen and project director and director of engineering services Jim Salchenberg.

  • Open for (Agri)Business

    Farmers wait years for their crops to grow just so. They know when the apples are ripe and ready for picking, and they know when picking them would be too soon. They must have patience, just as the groups behind the opening of the Chester Regional Agribusiness Center at the Chester Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market (the old McKeown building) had to have patience and wait until the time was right.