• From a sprout to a seedling, Roseburg steadily growing

    To use a lumber metaphor that the people of Roseburg Forest Products might be somewhat familiar with, the Chester Engineered Wood plant started as a sprout, and has now grown into a seedling, on it’s way to becoming a full-grown tree. In other words, the Chester site has been at the current location for about a year and a half and is on its way to becoming a full-grown plant.

    The N&R caught up with Chester Engineered Wood plant Manager Mark Allen and Project Director and Director of Engineering Services Jim Salchenberg for an update on the Chester plant.

  • Chamber of Commerce invites businesses to be "Chester County Loyal"

    They’ve been working on it for a while, but the Chester County Chamber of Commerce officially rolled out their #ChesterCountyLoyal and #STAYLOCALMYFRIENDS campaign recently at the York Tech Chester Center, an awareness and promotion campaign centered on local businesses and the way they are all interconnected.

  • TruVista acquired by investment group

    Chester Telephone Company, which has been doing business as TruVista Communications, a leading telecommunications business in South Carolina and Georgia, has signed an agreement to be acquired by iCON Infrastructure following unanimous approval of TruVista’s board of directors.  

    According to a news release from TruVista, the company will ‘continue its long, proud heritage as an independent business in the local community with the headquarters and existing operations remaining in Chester.

  • At The Shop & Co., a ribbon isn't the only thing that gets cut
  • USDA has (Rural) Strong presence in SC

    Note: In the second part coverage of the Rural Strong Expo, USDA Rural Development Acting Chief of Staff David Foster talks three-legged stools, investments in South Carolina and business in rural America.


    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development chief of staff said his department’s efforts toward rural development could be described as a three-legged stool: community programs, business programs and programs for individuals.

  • Rural Strong
  • The secret to Giti's success...people

    Throughout their four years in Chester County, Giti Tire has continued to improve on their operations by upgrading components and improving processes. The one piece of equipment they can’t improve on is the people who make the tires. That was the impression given by Giti Tire officials and the employees who worked on building the tire during a recent tour of the facility in Chester County held as part of a media even announcing the new Maxtour LX tire. That brand of tire was the first one entirely designed and built at the Chester County plant.

  • Pope: "Gateway Boulevard" renaming is a good idea

    Gateway District Steering Committee Infrastructure and Growth Committee Chair Tony Pope said the concept of renaming part of Lancaster Highway to Gateway Boulevard is part of a larger idea of rebranding Chester County and finding our own identity.

    Pope sat down with The N&R to discuss what the discussion was when the renaming concept came up in the advisory committee and what positive results it could bring for the county.

  • County moves on Project 1844, Boise Cascade expansion

    A new industry and an expansion of an existing industry appear to be coming to Chester County.

  • County approves zoning switch for potential industry

    Chester County Council passed first reading of a zoning switch Monday night that may pave the way for another new industry to locate locally.

    The zoning change involved 2794 Old Richburg Road in Richburg, with the request being to switch a portion of the property from ID-1 (restricted industrial) to ID-2 (limited industrial). The planning commission had previously voted 6-0 to approve the move.