Community News

  • Faith & Love STEM program thanks Lutz
  • Hospice Shine On! event brings on some bittersweet memories

    The memories at the 2nd Annual Hospice Care of S.C. Shine On! event were bittersweet, but shone as brightly as the luminaries set up by families to remember, honor and celebrate their loved ones.

    Originally planned to be held in the parking lot of Hospice Care of S.C., the event was driven inside by the inclement weather.

    Christy Wilburn is Hospice’s new community relations liaison. She succeeds Jan Byars, who has held that job for many years and will retire in December.

  • Get an armful of bargains at Jingle Bell Bazaar this Sunday

    As the old song “Jingle Bell Rock” says, “Jingle Bell Time is a swell time.” That applies to Christmas as well as another annual event that takes place well before Christmas, the Arts Council of Chester County’s Jingle Bell Bazaar, the annual holiday marketplace that brings together a sleigh full of vendors and artists and provides visitors with some unique before-Christmas shopping.

    To learn how the Jingle Bell Bazaar started, you have to use a little holiday magic and go back into the history of the Arts Council a few years.

  • Veterans Day 2018: Never forget

    A full battalion of speakers stepped up to the podium at the war memorial building to share their thoughts during this year’s Veterans Day observance in Chester County. In their own way and in their own words, they were each saying the same things to veterans on this day: “Thank you for service” and “Never forget”.

  • Once a Marine, always a Marine

    The old saying is “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” That also applies to new Marines, like 24-year- old Talf Wrenn.

    The annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball, put on by Marine Corps League Detachment 1161, Chester County Devil Dogs, is always special, but this year it was extra special for Wrenn, the grandson of Gene and Kay Loving of Chester. Born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the 24-year-old has defied the odds several times, living past the age the doctors expected him to and, despite his disability, graduating from Andrew Jackson High School.

  • If these walls could talk...

    If these walls could talk, what stories they would tell. They would tell of their life as the Brooklyn Elementary School, a school that was built in 1937, according to a history of the school written in 2012 by the school’s first 3rd grade teacher Miss Maggie B. Honor, to alleviate some of the overcrowding in the public school.

  • "A useable piece of history"

    What began as just an idea in the minds of several people around the year 2009 has turned into a realization, complete with highly-polished pine wood floors.

    The renovation of the Brooklyn Center, which started out life in 1938 as Brooklyn School in the Chester community of the same name, is completed. The community building on Ashford Street will be shown off to the public with an Open House event today beginning at 5 p.m.

  • A cook's tour

    Suppose you have a recipe from your grandmother. Let’s say it’s how to make the world’s best homemade pickles,and friends have been after you for years to bottle and sell them. You like the idea and  making a little extra money selling Nanna’s homemade bread-and-butter pickles appeals to you.

    So how do you start? If you live in Chester, you go to the  Chester Regional Agribusiness Center at the Chester Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market.

  • Early Christmas Shopping? Come to the Richburg Fall Festival

    To visit 70 different vendors, each with unique items for sale, you’d probably have to hit at least five malls and three shopping centers and maybe an outlet store or two. Or you could visit the Richburg Fall Festival this Saturday. They’ve got 70 vendors, all with something unique to sell, all set up like little specialty shops in a vacation spot like Highlands or Gatlinburg. Live music and turkey legs, too.

  • Rx takeback day is Saturday

    Last year, the ECHO (Empowering Communities for Healthy Outcomes) DUI Task Force collected over 70 lbs. of unused prescription drugs. During this year’s Take Back event on Oct. 27, they hope to collect even more.

    ECHO Coordinator Elizabeth Rowe and Prevention Specialist April Spruell with the Hazel Pittman Center sat down with The N&R to talk about this year’s event.