• Paint and hang a sunflower

    If you love sunflowers, you'll love the next art class presented by the Arts Council of Chester County. On Thursday from 5:30 to 8 p.m., the Arts Council will host an adult painting class entitled “Acrylics on Canvas with artist Frankie MacLauchlan.” The class will be held at the Arts Council of Chester County at 123 Main St.

  • And a one and a two...it's Stagger Lee

    "I was standing on the corner when I heard my bulldog call, he was..." The year was either 1946 or 1947 and he, John Lee Westley, was all of 13 years of age, writing those words as a freshman at Finley Senior High School, the heart of East Chester. Being tall and big-sized, he'd always put his age up by three years enabling him to do things at an earlier age, including entering high school.

  • Rash builds success with family stories...by Amanda Phipps

    Family stories provided the bridge to success for writer Ron Rash.
        Rash was raised in Chester, where his family lived to take advantage of working opportunities at the Eureka Mill.
        Rash lived in Chester until he was eight years old and said some of his earliest inspiration came during his time at Chester Elementary School.
        “The teachers helped get me interested in reading,” he said. “They had an (affect) on me becoming a writer later.”

  • Great Falls Youth Community Praise Choir celebrates three years of song

    They sing, they praise, they rejoice and they do it all to the glory of God.
    For several weeks, the Great Falls Youth Community Praise Choir has rehearsed tirelessly to present their best gift of song to the community. They will celebrate their third anniversary at 6 p.m. on Saturday at First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Great Falls. Evangelist Mary Talford, who organized this choir, said this ministry is “a great need for Chester, York, Fairfield and Lancaster counties.”

  • Artist in residence