Last Friday night I took in Great Falls' 21-3 tail-whipping of North Central. Before the game, as I walked into the Red Devils' dugout to get a copy of the starting line-up, I saw Cody Mobley. In addition to playing baseball, Mobley is also a punter on the Great Falls football team. In the second half of last season, he was routinely kicking the ball like it stole something from him.
"What's up Thunderfoot?" I asked.
I didn't know it when I said it, but Mobley told me that "Thunderfoot" is actually one of his nicknames.
"So, are you Thunderfoot #1 or Thunderfoot #2?" I asked.
He had no idea what I meant. Man, does that make me feel old. Thunderfoot 1 and 2 (would that have made them Thunderfeet?) were wrestlers back in 1980's. They wore scary masks and had lead-loaded boots...not that it mattered. They may as well have been wearing flip-flops and sun visors as quickly as they usually ended up on their backs.
Anyway, Mobley hit his first career homer that night. His dad told me he is getting some college interest for his punting skills. You can see a highlight reel of Thunderfoot (Mobley, not one of the guys in the mask) here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAOYPorD-sU