Spring game

This is a little late, but I wanted to pass along a little more information on Chester's spring football game.
Offensively, the team looks considerably different than it has in the past few years. Since Tony McNeal became the starting quarterback in 2008, the team has used a pass-happy spread that featured lots of deep throws. McNeal, of course, is now at Clemson and guys with his arm don't come around very often. Things probably had to be a little different, but in this case different does not mean bad.
Chester is running the Oregon offense this year. That means a heavier emphasis on the run game, shorter, less complicated pass patterns, a breakneck tempo and lots of play fakes. Oregon, of course, signals plays in with a cryptic system of signs held up on the sidelines. The signs feature 3 or 4 random pictures. For instance, a sign might have pictures of Eddie Munster, a ring-tailed lemur, okra and a disco ball. Sadly, there were no such signs at Chester.
Jemarcus Moore, a big-time safety for the Cyclones, took the first-team snaps at quarterback. He looked really good, moved the pocket well, and was very precise with his passes. He may be holding down the position until young Tommy Sanders is read to take the reins (Sanders will be a freshman this year...8th graders are not permitted to participate in spring practices) but he looked more than capable of manning the position himself. The Cycs didn't pile up big rushing numbers, but the backs, led by K.J. Dixon, had the biggest plays of the spring game on screen passes. Maybe the running game didn't have a huge day because of improvements on defense. Stopping the run was an issue at times last year, so that could be a good sign! The defense forced a couple of turnovers, including an interception by McClinton once the reserves came in the game.
Chester has a 7-on-7 competition at Union County High tomorrow morning. I'll try to let you know how they do.