Phil Shatter to be back in town on Friday

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By Travis Jenkins

He used to go by the name "Phil Shatter", he's now known as "Gunner" but Doug Hawkins, of Chester's APW, knows the popular wrestler another way.
"He's a good guy who has worked hard for everything he's ever gotten," Hawkins said.
Shatter (or Gunner if you prefer) will be at APW for a show Friday night.
Shatter said that wrestling has been a lifelong obsession of his. He said he wrestled in high school for a year, but he gave it up and never pursued any other sport than professional wrestling.
"I've wanted to wrestle since I was four or five and mother can vouch for that," Shatter said. "I'm obsessed with it."
Even now, Shatter said he has no interest in watching football or baseball, he'd far prefer to watch old wrestling tapes, he said.
When he turned 19, in 2000, Shatter started training and made his professional debut in September of 2000. He continued wrestling even during a four-year stint as a Marine, driving to shows all over the Carolinas on the weekends.
Shatter said he made his debut in Chester in 2005. He said he loved coming here because of the passion of the fans.
"The football team, the race track and wrestling are the biggest part of a small town," Shatter said.
Shatter started to travel around the country doing NWA shows (he won the NWA World Title) when his big break came. Not everyone would have seen it as a big break, though. Former superstar wrestler Terry Taylor got Shatter a job working security with national outfit TNA.
"I had my foot in the door. It was an opportunity," Shatter said.
He traveled constantly and worked nearly every day between wrestling and working his TNA security job. Shatter eventually got his chance to wrestle on TNA shows, where he is now a regular.
Shatter still hasn't forgotten his roots, even though he's a regular on TV now. He is just as excited about Friday's show in Chester as any big arena he'll play in the future.
"I had a big following Chester," Shatter said. "I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and faces I haven't seen in a while."
Friday's show starts at 8 p.m. at the APW Arena, located on Helen Street behind NAPA.