Husband, wife injured in motorcycle collision

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By Stephen Guilfoyle

A husband and wife riding a motorcycle were injured in a collision late Monday afternoon.

David Barber of Chester, the motorcycle rider, was injured and flown by helicopter to a hospital out of county. Helicopters were sent from both Charlotte and Spartanburg, and it is not known which arrived first.

Barber's wife Debby was riding behind him and was also taken by ambulance from the accident scene.

Bob Desrosiers was also out riding his motorcycle Monday, a couple of car lengths behind behind the Barbers.

He said both Barbers were wearing helmets. He, however, was not.

"This is the first time I haven't worn it in a while," he said. "I guess somebody's trying to tell me something."

Barber was going east, straight through the intersection of the J.A. Cochran Bypass and Saluda Street. A woman driving a Crown Victoria was going west through the same intersection, but making a left turn onto the bypass, Desrosiers said. The motorcycle plowed into the passenger side door of the car.

Desrosiers said light was yellow when Barber rode through it.

Desrosiers didn't know the Barbers. Another friend of the Barbers drove up to the scene just a few minutes after the accident.

Desrosiers said he held onto Debby Barber's hand for a while, and also kept her from moving her husband.

"She was trying to get him out from under it at first," he said. "I told her to wait, not to move him."ca

The S.C. Highway Patrol is investigating the collision.

In addition to three patrol vehicles responding, the Chester County Sheriff's office, Chester Police and Chester Fire Department responded to the scene.