Here's how I feel about Chester, SC as an old boy from Lugoff, SC.

 I don't know quite how to say this, except to say I am sorry for hitting you  

on Highway 97 on July 14th. I am so glad you weren't hurt and if you have any  
problems whatsoever with my insurance company, just let me know.

I know I promised this letter to you earlier, but I've been having some  
issues medically and financially and have the most wonderfully supportive  
wife (Pam) in the world! She's helping me "get through" it all and supports  
me in every way possible.

I can and am willing to work.

I just depend on God. That's it.

Mr. Bell,

I am having trouble with my company getting the insurance to pay the bill,  
but I WILL do it. Thanks so much for those who brought me crackers and water  
as well! I was so thirsty!

  @ all-I will be sending a letter to the Chester Newspaper soon.....I just  
can't promise how soon though.....BUT I Will!

Please thank the Magistrate and all of them over at the Courthouse as well. I  
love the "town" of Chester as it reminds me so much of my "home town" of  
Lugoff, South Carolina.....just a "dot" on the road when I was growing up!



Phil Bradley