Frigid temperatures didn’t stop fire training

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GFFD Public Information Officer

The recent cold weather did not stop members of the Great Falls Fire Department from conducting training under extreme conditions.

The training, conducted on Four Tower Hill on the night of Jan. 18, required firefighters to correctly connect a water supply line from a hydrant to an engine and then pump water through a hose and nozzle onto a simulated fire. 

Firefighters normally do this as a matter of routine however, under the recent extreme weather conditions, the situation presented fire personnel with a different set of challenges.

Firefighters were required to not only wear the normal Personal Protective Gear but to add cold weather garments to their equipment. Coupling hoses to hydrants in freezing temperatures and pumping streams of water poses a unique set of challenges for the men and women of fire service.

“Training has to continue under existing conditions,” said Training Officer Lt. Zach Gibson. “We cannot schedule emergencies to happen only in good weather.”