The Clarence H. and Anna Elizabeth Lutz Foundation supports Senior Companion Volunteer Program

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By Staff Reports

The Clarence H. and Anna Elizabeth Lutz Foundation supports the Senior Companion Volunteer Program and has made it possible for Senior Services Inc. of Chester County to  help continue providing in home services to adults with special needs, disabilities and caregiver respite services without fee to clients.

The program is designed to keep the elderly, disabled and special need adults in their homes for as long as possible as well as providing much needed respite care and support for caregivers who are caring for elderly parents, and the terminally ill.

The need within Chester County for such service is far above the Senior Companion Program’s budget and the program couldn’t possibly continue without financial assistance from additional partners such as the Lutz Foundation. The Lutz Foundation’s continued support and belief in the program helps supplement existing services and helps maintain the program. Without the help of the Lutz Foundation the program would suffer and agency assistance would not reach many who are in need.

Senior Companion Volunteers spend four to five hours a day with clients helping them with daily living tasks, by providing light meal preparation, light housekeeping and assistance performing other daily living functions. Also provided are respite services, so caregivers of the elderly and frail have the opportunity to have periods of freedom from their caregiving tasks and enabling them to have scheduled times of refreshment along with opportunities for them to complete lifestyle tasks, such as working when necessary for their well-being and financial stability.

The Senior Companion Volunteer Program is thankful for the Lutz Foundation and for their help and support throughout the years with providing this service to the citizens of Chester County.

For further information on becoming a volunteer or the availability to become a recipient of service from the Senior Companion Program; contact Julie McCormick, Senior Companion Program Director at (803) 581-2882.