High School

  • Devils face another big foe

    As the head coach for the North squad in this year's North-South game, Great Falls coach Kenneth Schofield always has his eyes open for potential players.
    "Last week at Blacksburg, I basically saw an eclipse," he said. "It was the biggest, widest tallest individual I've seen in a while. I asked him what year he was and he said a junior. They were the biggest team, in general, I've seen in a while."
    This week's opponent, Gray Collegiate Academy, is actually comparable, he said.

  • Young players have to step up for Lions tonight

    With eight Lewisville defensive starters set to miss tonight's game against Blacksburg, a lot of people seem to think the results are a forgone conclusion. Lions coach Will Mitchell is not one of those people.
    "I don't think that's the case at all," Mitchell said. "Top-to-bottom, we're a much better team this year strength-wise. We've got a lot of kids that are working hard."

  • Cyclones go for 2-0

    Victor Floyd isn't wasting any time in getting reacquainted with some old rivals.
    He began his second tenure at Chester High School last week with a game against county foe Lewisville. Tonight, his team will travel to Winnsboro to take on another long-time rival in Fairfield Central.
    The Griffins posted an 11-2 record last year and advanced to the third round of the playoffs. However, they opened the season last week with a loss to Brookland-Cayce. Despite that setback, Floyd said the team is very solid.

  • Red Devils drop opener to Blacksburg

    A Great Falls roster that is already lacking in depth this year got a little thinner last week.
    The Red Devils hung tough in the first half of Friday's game against Blacksburg, but turnovers and the size of the Wildcats were too much to overcome. Great Falls lost 38-6.

  • County rivalry heats up as Cycs downs Lions
  • League suspends nine Lions for Friday

    The Lewisville Lions will be without nine players, including eight defensive starters, for Friday's game at Blacksburg.
    During Friday's season-opening game at Chester, a brief altercation broke out on the field late in the third quarter. A Lions offensive player, who had lost his helmet during a play, was hit away from the pile after the whistle by a Cyclones defender. That led to some brief pushing and shoving.
    "No punches were thrown by anyone from either team," said Will Mitchell, Lewisville's head football coach.

  • FRIDAY NIGHT FINAL: Ejections in Chester-Lewisville game, Devils fall

    The pageantry of opening night and the big plays on the field unfortunately took a backseat to an on-field altercation and a number of ejections in Friday's Chester-Lewisville game.

  • Chester County Football 2015 sneak peak...Rivals and Friends

    Victor Floyd would love to start his second tenure at Chester High School off by beating cross-county rival Lewisville. He isn't as crazy about the thought of starting it off by trying to beat Will Mitchell.

  • Devils deal with some big Cats

    Great Falls Coach Kenneth Schofield said it's easy to see what makes Blacksburg so good...even from a long way away.
    "Blacksburg is huge," he said. "Seriously, they may be the biggest AA school I've ever seen. We're going to have our work cut out for us."
    The teams will battle tonight to start the 2015 season.

  • Floyd, Mitchell glad season has finally arrived

    After months of running, lifting, meeting, competing in 7-on-7s and scrimmages, the real thing has arrived.
    "The games are finally here," Lewisville Coach Will Mitchell said.
    "I guess we're as ready as we can get. We practiced enough for sure. It's time to strap up and get at it," said Chester Coach Victor Floyd.
    The Lions and Cyclones face off tonight to kick off the 2015 season.