Today's Opinions

  • Old and expensive

    There is a distinct difference between something being historic and being old. Just because an item or place has managed to survive the test of time does not mean it has any added value, worth or distinction. In the same way, not every possession is an asset. Just because it is large and has the potential to generate income does not mean it is of value.

  • Take the money

    If you find yourself in dire financial straits, a $10,000 gift would be hard to turn down. Maybe your pride would get in the way, maybe you wouldn’t want to feel like you owed the giver something, but on pure need, you would want the money and would probably take it.

  • Becky's fat fin

    I think most people like dolphins. They always seem to be smiling, they have a reputation of helping sailors lost at sea, they are known to help fishermen with their catches, they can be taught to do tricks and they generally seem like good-natured creatures. However, they have a dark, unsettling side most people don’t know about and I’m going to blow the lid off this long-held secret…dolphins are bad to gossip.

  • The end of the Great ID Quest

    …And everyone lived happily ever after

    …And they never did, to this day.

    …Scrooge was better than his word; he became a better master, a better friend and a better man than the Good Old City ever knew.


    These are the ways fantasy stories are supposed to end and stories about quests are supposed to end. I present you with another one: And finally, the taxes were reduced.

  • Making wise meat choices

    “I’m not taking any sort of responsibility for you trying ‘Texas Style BBQ’ in Camden (bleepity bleeping) South Carolina,” my friend Jed said, via text.

    On Friday, I was facing a very long road trip to watch Lewisville play at Lamar, which is located way, way, way down in Darlington somewhere. Usually, when I have a road trip of that length, I try to do a little advance research and plot a course to eat barbecue.

  • A hot mug of crazy

    Did you know that this light, silly, weekly column is written by a scary, sadistic, psychopath? I read it on the Internet so it must be true.

  • Spoke too soon?

    Just because something happens once or carries on for a short time doesn’t mean it will always be the norm going forward.

  • Chronic pain dinner

    To the Editor:

    A special thanks to Dr. James Stauffer and the participants who attended the Chronic Pain Awareness Dinner that was held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Market Building, 116 Columbia St.

    Dr. Stauffer spoke on the lack of minerals, such as unrefined salt, magnesium and iodine, that can be the cause of our bodies' pain due to the craving of these minerals and how lower back pain is caused by the deterioration of disks and injury. It has been proven that with proper stretching and alignment you don't always have to have surgery.