Today's Opinions

  • What do you want?

    Not every question has a clear-cut answer and not every problem has an easy solution. Yes or no and true or false rarely come into play when dealing with major issues.

  • But we repeat ourselves...

    The City of Chester has gotten itself moving in the right direction on several fronts recently…which makes one persistent problem all the more maddening.

  • Breaking the chain

    We’ve sometimes heard that you can judge a society by how it treats senior citizens and children. The point there is that the care and love demonstrated toward those who are often least able to care for themselves is a good barometer of a society’s heart. We think that to some degree, the treatment of animals falls along the same lines.

  • Old and expensive

    There is a distinct difference between something being historic and being old. Just because an item or place has managed to survive the test of time does not mean it has any added value, worth or distinction. In the same way, not every possession is an asset. Just because it is large and has the potential to generate income does not mean it is of value.

  • Take the money

    If you find yourself in dire financial straits, a $10,000 gift would be hard to turn down. Maybe your pride would get in the way, maybe you wouldn’t want to feel like you owed the giver something, but on pure need, you would want the money and would probably take it.

  • Free stuff in the mail!
  • Free chickens and ornery raccoons
  • BILLY ON BEER: New year, new beer

    I made a number of resolutions this year, two of which I will share with you today.

    My first resolution was to keep moving forward. In that spirit, I vowed that I would surround myself with forward-thinking individuals, organizations and ideas. Ironically, this line of thinking brought me back to individuals, organizations and ideas from years past. The most notable of those was a beer that I, due to narrow vision, wrote off ages ago.