• Students deserve effective teachers

    To the Editor:
    I am a teacher in Chester with 10 years of experience teaching first and second graders. I have a Master's in education and have achieved National Board Certification.
    While that experience is valuable, I wouldn't expect anyone to look at that alone and assume I'm an effective teacher. I would expect them to watch me teach, observe the passion and creativity I bring to
    my classroom and look at the results my students are achieving.

  • Kitchen would benefit Chester

    To the editor,
    The Organic Helpers are currently trying to generate public interest in the City of Chester's community kitchen project. We have invited our mayor and City Administrator to speak directly with the public about updates and a timeline for the completion of Chester's very first community kitchen.
    We are very excited to have this project completed.

  • Cut back on imports

    To the Editor:
    These people in office have not done enough to get us jobs in Chester and the U.S.A. We need to vote all of these people out of office in November – mayor, city council, county manager, county council, senators, Congress and anyone else running for office the second time. We need new people in who care about all the people.

  • Small towns

    During my lifetime, I have often thought of the small towns all across our great nation that make our country so splendid. To bring things into more focus, I now shall give a good example of what I'm saying by using our beautiful town of Chester.

  • CDDA raffle, silent auction

    To the Editor:
    Mark April 15 on your calendar – but not only for Income Tax Day!
    This April 15, the Chester Downtown Development Association (CDDA) is holding a reverse raffle and silent auction at Anna's Arbor, 129 Gadsden St. in downtown Chester, at 7 p.m. for the chance to win the $10,000 in prize money and $5,000 worth of other prize offerings.

  • Gateway is an asset to county

    To the Editor:
    This is to recognize the accomplishments of some individuals of Chester County, and due to them we now have a state of the art conference center. They saw the asset we could have and the possibilities of helping with economic growth for our county. These individuals are our Chester County Council and County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey as well as Karlisa Parker and Hal Stone for making this project such a great success.

  • Voting – the rarely used privilege

    To the Editor:
    I'm almost 63 years old and have voted maybe half a dozen times in my life. Why is that? My vote didn't count. I had to work that day. I forgot it was Election Day. I forgot to register. I have used all the excused you have used over the years. Why am I asking you to register and vote on June 10, 2014?

  • Who started it matters

    This is in response to the editorial letter dated March 20, 2014 entitled “No winners in confrontation.” I take issue with the statement “it does not really matter who started the problem …” This is not only misleading but socially, politically and legally incorrect.

  • Not what he seems

    What is left to say about our President, Barack Obama. We all know that he is not the President that many thought he would be.

  • Thanks Red Cross volunteers

    To The Editor:

    March is Red Cross Month and the American Red Cross of the Upper Palmetto Chapter would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers and supporters for enabling us to provide our vital services to our communities.