• The root of the problem

    To the editor:

    I am very, very sorry for and pray for the families of the victims of the Florida shooting and am very, very sorry that it happened.  It is a true tragedy.  Unfortunately, I suspect that there will be more of these event. 


  • Retired teacher weighs in on referendum

    To the Editor:

    I worked as a professional educator for 43 years. Thirty-five of those years were with the Chester County School District. I started the Teacher Cadet program at Chester High School. I have served on the LES School Improvement Council and now serve on the SIC at Lewisville Middle School. I also volunteer at the Edgemoor Head Start. I state these things to give my background as a supporter of public schools.

    Despite my strong support for our schools, I could not vote for the 2018 bond referendum. I would like to explain my position.

  • Supports school bond referendum

    To the Editor:

    I came to Chester permanently 33 years ago. One of the first things I did as an interested employer was visit the schools. Most of them were in deplorable shape, and we all got involved in the bond referendum in 1991 to made that situation better.

    One of the schools that did not get a lot of money from that referendum was the Career Center. My initial impression years ago was that we as a community were not equipping our high school graduates who chose a trades career with very much real world training.

  • MLK celebration a success

    To the Editor:

    Dear friends and citizens of Chester and surrounding areas, once again God has bestowed His blessings on the MLK 26th annual holiday celebration.

    We were proud to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the theme, "Dr. King: 50 Years Gone and the Dream Lives On!"

  • Youth group says thanks

    To the Editor:

    Count Me In To Do The Right Thing wishes to say "thank you" to the following businesses and organizations for their support during 2017:

    Bi-Lo, the Chester County School District, the Sheriff's Foundation of Chester County Inc., The News & Reporter, Food Lion, Harris-Teeter, the Lewisville Community Library, Publix, The Herald, IGA, New Life Radio Station, Richburg Fire Department, the Town of Richburg, WRBK Radio Station and our board members.

  • Recognize signs of overdoses

    To the Editor:

    Overdoses are happening everywhere, all over the country. In our current society, the streets are filled to the brim with ultra-strong heroin that's often mixed with fentanyl and a multitude of its analogues, making life saving efforts like Narcan futile when trying to reverse an overdose.

    The thing is, overdoses don't just happen in the bathroom or bedroom at home. In fact, many people who overdose do so in public areas. Overdoses can happen in the grocery store, in the car, at a shopping mall, just about anywhere.

  • Support the Red Cross

    Often during the holidays, one stops and looks back over the past year. For  

    me, it’s about reflecting on what it truly means to be there for others in  

    need. Seeing how much people throughout the country went through this year  

    and seeing how the American Red Cross was there, time and time again, makes  

    me proud to say that I support our local Red Cross.


    The torrential floods in 2015 soaked us. In 2016, it was Hurricane  

  • Enjoyed "Christmas in Chester"

    To the Editor:


    Christmas in Chester was such an amazing event for young and old alike. I don't know who had more fun, my granddaughter or me. I have always said that it is the people of Chester who make it such a special place. Many thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who made this such a magical event, again. From Friday night Christmas music with the children, Santa Claus, tree lighting and ice skating. And the food trucks were such a great addition. Hamburger with French fries, because I could. Well, my princess had to eat!

  • Chronic pain dinner

    To the Editor:

    A special thanks to Dr. James Stauffer and the participants who attended the Chronic Pain Awareness Dinner that was held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Market Building, 116 Columbia St.

    Dr. Stauffer spoke on the lack of minerals, such as unrefined salt, magnesium and iodine, that can be the cause of our bodies' pain due to the craving of these minerals and how lower back pain is caused by the deterioration of disks and injury. It has been proven that with proper stretching and alignment you don't always have to have surgery.

  • Bundy clarifies recent comments

    To the Editor:

    As the Chester Healthcare Foundation is a private, tax-exempt (501-c-4) foundation approved by the Internal Revenue Service, it operates primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community it serves, and it does not benefit private groups of citizens.