• North Carolina is winning … here's why


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    Special to The N&R


    While South Carolina elected officials were busy this past session indebting South Carolina taxpayers an additional $120 million for the benefit of a single – one already located in-state – North Carolina's elected officials were busy making actual tax cuts across the board.

  • Tax Collection by law enforcement?

    You know the feeling—the feeling you get when you return to your parked car and see the dreaded neon-colored slip of paper tucked under your windshield-wiper.

  • Free Information

    A recent issue in Hilton Head got us to thinking about the cost to obtain public documents.

  • And, it's off to the ribbon-cutting races
  • Guest editorial...Regulation

    Unfortunately, we live in a world in which pedicures and funeral parlor bathrooms are serious issues for state government.
    Last week, the Regulatory Review Task Force, established by Gov. Nikki Haley earlier this year, met at the State House to hear comments and concerns by citizens. Among the citizens were representatives of the South Carolina Board of Funeral Service and the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology.

  • A successful conclusion

    The City of Chester finally got its man...or got its woman to be more precise.
    After a far-too-long search-and-hire process, Chester City Council offered its vacant administrator position to Sandi Feaster Worthy. She agreed to a salary of $72,000 and we're told she will be on the job soon. We think the council made a wise choice and we particularly applaud the council members who did an about-face from a previous vote on the matter.

  • Aging Matters

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    In December of this year, I will join a group of more than 900,000 people in our state over the age of 65. Like many of you who have traveled this road before, I want to make sure I am fully prepared.

  • Tough decisions

    Earlier this year, not one single challenger stepped forward to run for any of the four open seats on Chester City Council. Maybe people shied away from running because they realize that being an elected official is hard.

  • Young radicals

    For many years, I have made it a practice every Fourth of July to read the Declaration of Independence and spend some time in study of the men and events that surround this momentous and defining event in the life of our country. This year, I was struck by both the age and wealth of the signers from South Carolina. So, who were they?

  • Your voice

    Those who represent you in government are said to be "your voice." Sometimes, though, we all feel like our voice isn't loud enough or is drowned out by the crowd. If you feel that elected officials don't listen to you, have their own agenda and are more influenced by outside entities than by the people that elected them, you aren't alone, but recent events have proven that you may not be right.