• Paying the bills

    Paying one set of bills doesn't mean your future is secure and all is well. It means the light and water will stay on for one more month. Illness, employment cutbacks at your place of business and a host of other factors could leave you scrambling to make ends meet in the future.

  • Finishing school
  • More secrecy

    We've often heard that justice is blind. What we didn't realize is that justices apparently are as well.

  • Good and bad


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    We don't necessarily endorse the idea of selling alcohol on Sunday but we do like people having the ability to make their own choices and government entities finding revenue sources that don't involve higher taxation.

  • The Dark Ages

    The most crucial element of open, honest government is daylight that lets us all see in. Unfortunately, the S.C. Supreme Court has now made it awfully easy for elected officials to draw the shades and work outside of public view.

  • Revisiting tax limits

    We noticed at a City of Chester budget workshop Monday an oft-discussed topic of municipalities and counties. An inability to raises taxes.

  • Well done

    When local governmental bodies run afoul of the state's Freedom of Information Act, we use this space to lambast them. It seems only fair, then, that we should also use this space when they go out of their way to do things the right way.

  • Forward thinking

    The City of Chester may be able to practice addition by subtraction.

  • A few words on submitted information
  • Trash(ing) Chester

    There were two separate public efforts to pick up trash off Chester County's roads on Saturday. Kudos to both Carrie Brantley who organized the "Beautify Chester" event, to the City of Chester for initiating its own clean-up effort and to all the citizens that pitched in on both. The hard work made a noticeable difference and brought awareness to something that is becoming an embarrassment.