• Merry Christmas and Happy New Beer

    Two questions.


    First, does anyone else think it’s odd that we now say, “Tis the Season” when we should have been saying it all along?  Let me explain:


    Nine months ago, it was the season of languid pilsners and aromatic fruit ale.


    Six months ago, it was the season of citrus lagers and the summer shandy.


    Three months ago, it was the season of more pumpkin than you could cram into a pint.


  • What not to get me this Christmas

    It’s hard to believe, but we are now in the month of December, which means we are officially into the Christmas shopping season. I figure that as you fought the crowds on Black Friday, looked for specials on Cyber Monday and picked through used undergarments and old George Foreman Grills on Flea Market Tuesday you were thinking to yourself “what should I get Travis for Christmas?” That’s what all of you were thinking, right?

  • Eat, drink and don't move much

    All you folks who exercise and subsist on clean, vegan diets trying to maintain your youth and vitality and live as long as you can…yeah, you might be doing it wrong.

  • Unemployment numbers improve in Chester in October

    All the numbers moved in the right direction in Chester County where employment is concerned in October.

    For the month, Chester’s unemployment rate stood at 6.4 percent, down from 6.7 percent in September. The number of employed persons was up by 189 to 12,990 and the number of people who were unemployed, seeking work and collecting unemployment compensation dropped from 925 to 885. The total workforce, which represents both those with jobs and those who are drawing unemployment, rose to 13,875, an increase from the previous month of 149.

  • My ham is on fire!

    I’ve waited a long time to hear the words someone finally said to me last week.

    “OK Travis, you can bring the meat.”

  • Man oh man, are you talking directly to me? The message really hit home!

    Have you ever been sitting in church listening to the sermon, taking notes and reading the scripture and right there in front of you the entire thing is being directed right at you? Well, that's just what happened on Sunday – it was right up in my face, hit me right in the heart and crushed my soul.

  • A 100 percent chance of fire

    It seems like there are always things happening in Chester, so we always have plenty to write about. On the rare occasion that it’s a slow news day, however, I’ll often tell reporter Brian Garner that he’ll need to go create some news.

    “Can you run out to Lowrys and create a crop circle? Or, I don’t know, run naked through downtown. We haven’t had a story about streakers in a while. We really need something for the front page,” I’ll say.

  • Southern Brazilian Chick!
  • Cosplay in the 1970s
  • The eyes have it

    Talk about a wandering eye!