• Breeding, feeding and weather...lots to do on the farm

    For the past couple weeks now, I have been breeding, breeding, breeding! 

    Seems like that is my way of life for the entire month of December and part of January. I'll get a little lull period, then we will start ultrasounding, clipping, peeling back and torching girls and getting ready for sales. I know I'm not the only one out there feeling it, and I'm a little bitty farm. There are many who have way more head of cattle than I do! Man, I have no idea how big cattle producers do it, but I will be the first to commend them!

  • Yet another "listicle"

    New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and if for no other reason than the seeming sheer number of celebrities from my childhood that the old year took with it, I am glad to see the back of 2016. With the end of the year comes the annual list of Lake Superior State University’s words that should be banished from the English language for over-use. This is the 42nd Annual “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.”

  • How I spent my day off

    If you had a day off Monday, how did you spend it? Did you watch football, enjoy a quick day trip, spend time with family or maybe just rest up from the holidays? Well, prepare to envy me…I spent the day on hold.

  • Happy New Year, what will your resolution be?

    It seems crazy, right? Where has the time gone? Can it really be 2017? Can we really be heading into a new year? Well, believe it or not we are, and I for one am already behind.

  • New year, same stuff

    As New Year’s Day approaches each year, a lot of people take an “out with the old, in with the new” look at the world. As we transition from 2016 to 2017, I think that is exactly the right approach to take. People will remember 2016 in a negative way for many reasons, but for me personally, I’m glad to flush the old year because 2017 isn’t an election year.

  • Beautiful, magical, wonderful...that's what Christmas is

    Each year I share this story with you. I hope you will allow me to share it with you again this year as it brings so many happy, wonderful thoughts to my soul!

    So many beautiful memories flood through my heart and mind at this time of year. When I see a baby child full of excitement and wonder, hardly able to contain their little bodies, just the sheer innocence of a child knowing Santa will soon be here, I am so reminded of our beautiful Christmases.

  • Where is my burping dragon?

    “So little boy,” a mall Santa might ask a child sitting on his lap. “What do you want for Christmas?”

    “I want one of them burping dragons and a thing that makes my face look weird.”

  • The real (country) Santa Claus

    There’s been a lot of talk this month on the Internet and the Book of Face (as a friend of mine calls it) about Santa Claus and whether you should tell your children there’s no such thing, because to continue the fiction is in fact, lying to them. I do not subscribe to this theory, and that’s just about all I’m going to say about that issue.

  • Where have you been? It's been a hectic few weeks!

    I know many of you have been wondering just that – where has Sharon been for the past couple weeks, right? Why aren't you writing anything, right? Well, Sharon has been half crazy for about the last four weeks! I know you must be thinking, well that didn't just start, you've been crazy a lot longer than that!

    Well, let's see, where do I begin...

  • Water water everywhere

    “When are you going to clean your office?” my mom frequently asks when she stops by.

    “When are you going to clean your office?” some of my coworkers ask each time they have to come in my garbage-strewn lair.

    It turns out that “Tuesday” was the answer to their question, though that did not necessarily happen by choice.