• Partly cloudy with a chance of disappointment

    The complete solar eclipse was a dazzling sky show that lived up to the hype. It was an awesome wonder to behold, it brought millions of people together for a common cause and provided people with images and experiences they’ll treasure for a lifetime…or so I hear anyway.

  • Having the time of my life...rejuvinating down at the coast

    "I must be a mermaid, for I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." – Anaïs Nin


    I ended my last article by saying: "Get out, enjoy the summer, do something different, and just love what you're doing!"

    As many of you know, my cousin Denise and I are very close. It's very seldom, maybe twice a year, that I get to spend real love time with her. This past week was one of those times.

  • Important stuff, with a side of eggs

    If you walk into a newspaper office and see employees huddled around a desk in deep discussion, you might think there was a hot, breaking news story that required the entire staff’s attention. If you’d walked in our office Tuesday, you’d have seen that scene and your instincts would have been right. The important topic of the moment was scrambled eggs.

  • I've been going about this art thing all wrong
  • "Car Killer"

    When I was in school, a friend and I used to make up alternate versions of one another’s name, just the typical kind of junk teenage boys say to each other. Most of those names aren’t really printable here, but one my friends frequently threw at me was “Tragic Jinx.” At least where cars are concerned, he proved to be quite prescient.

  • On the road – having a blast running, funning and gunning

    I know you've noticed lately I haven't had any articles in the paper. It's because I have been on the go. 

    Last week I did the coolest thing – I went to a Farm To Table event down in Columbia. I had been wanting to go, and it just so happens I was able to break away last week and enjoy some great wines, great foods and some great music, all from the locals! 

  • I have gas!

    It takes a little while to get used to driving a new car…and based on my experience, it takes a while to get used to putting gas in it too.

  • What's in a (mascot) name?

    “So, you’re from Mullins?” someone asked me last week as I walked my dogs on the beach.

    It was a logical assumption for someone to make. After all, I was wearing a Mullins Auctioneers t-shirt.

    “Nope. Only been there once in my whole life…and that was to buy this t-shirt,” I said.

  • The Ubiquitous BBQ Column (Sort Of)

    Our revered editor Travis Jenkins is, as he told you in his column, on vacation this week. It’s well deserved, because he has to put up with the craziness at this office pretty much 24/7 and if for no other reason, he has to deal with me on a daily basis. That qualifies anyone for a vacation, up to and including my wife Jenny.

  • Work, work, work

    Are you one of those people who find it hard to leave work behind when you have a day off? I sure am, mostly because of what I do for a living. Being an editor or reporter at a newspaper is kind of like being the president…you are always a reporter or editor, day and night every day, just like the president is always the president. Things don’t stop happening or take a break for people in either position. Did I just compare my job to that of president of the United States? I think I did…I’M AS IMPORTANT AS THE PRESIDENT! Not really.