• Sen. Clinton kept cutting me off

    It must have been a touch of Christmas spirit that compelled me to pick up my phone when it rang this weekend and flashed "unknown name and unknown number" on my caller ID.

    A hot dog wienie has a better chance against my bulldog than this happening. I don't pick up the phone half the time when I recognize the caller and the number.

    What ever motivated my venture into the unknown, I was surprised and delighted to discover I was receiving a personal phone call from presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

  • GUEST COLUMN: The impact of impact fees in Chester County

    What are impact fees? When are they appropriate? Based on the recent N&R article, "County looks at impact fees" (Nov. 28, 2007), I would like to take a moment to answer these two questions based on my professional commercial and residential real estate experience.

  • Is this the wisdom that comes with age?

    I had a birthday this past week, and as I reflected on the occasion, I realized that I have reached that awkward age in life in which I am too old for ice cream and cake but not yet old enough to feel overly grateful for surviving yet another cycle of the earth around the sun.

    No, I am trapped in that nebulous region where 30 year-olds have begun calling me "mister" and saying "yes sir" and "no sir" when addressing me. This tends to make me nervous because just a few years ago, the only people who spoke to me that way were traffic cops and telephone sales people.

  • GUEST COLUMN: Don't worry about being 'Awake'

    A new movie, Awake, is scheduled to be released Nov. 30. Recent television commercials and Internet sites give sensational and sometimes misleading information. Alarming statements include "one in 700 people wake up during surgery" as well as "ee is awake but paralyzed during surgery." The producer has stated that the movie "will do to surgery what Jaws did to swimming in the ocean."

  • GUEST COLUMNL Speedway deal called a winning collaboration

    Cabarrus County, the city of Concord and all Charlotte Regional Partnership counties had a special reason to give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday. As a region, we stood together.

  • The icing on the cake says it all

    Thank you again for the Mercy Flights coverage -- everywhere I go, people comment on not knowing about that service.

    I just hope they will use it.

    To bring, hopefully closure on a long, hot "how I spent my summer vacation" saga -- the cake pictures say it all.

    The "blue" is for guys (prostate cancer) and pink is for ladies (breast cancer) -- Dr.David Brizel, world renowned head and neck cancer specialist at Duke Medical is holding the cake with Eileen Duffy, RN and me.

  • How I (mis)spent my vacation



    I am not a taker of vacations. I took two weeks off last September.

    But it was maternity leave, and I spent a lot of time driving and not relaxing. It wasn't a vacation.