• LEGISLATIVE HAPPENINGS: Immigration, offical state language top Senate work

    Although the Senate passed a comprehensive reform immigration bill last year, two bills passed the Senate this week that relate to immigration.

    The first bill, a concurrent resolution, asks the Congress of the United States to call a convention for the sole and exclusive purpose of proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to provide that no provision of the Constitution shall restrict or limit a state from enforcing federal law with regard to immigration violations.

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Signs, portents on road to debate

    Talking toilets, misguided snowmen, disappearing road signs and the mystery candidacy of "Ed" all played a big part in the Republican Debate at Myrtle Beach last Thursday.

    Because of my step-mom's work schedule, my dad (the Republican chairman for Union County) had an extra ticket to last week's debate, which he offered to me. I left work a little early to make it to the beach, not wanting to miss any of the sights or sounds of the 2008 campaign.

  • GOP PRIMARY '08: Thompson backer drops in

    We are a local paper and we don't have the staff to really go after national election issues.

    We are limited, basically, to what walks in the door, in the form of campaign staffers and local supporters.

    So far this election season, we have given more space in our paper to a guy running for president who is living in the back seat of his Ford Crown Vic than the governor of Massachusetts.

    I'm not saying which, but I think one has a statistically better chance of becoming the next president of the United States. But I gave the essentially homeless a story.

  • GUEST COLUMN: The value of proven leadership

    As we watch the presidential debates and hear the candidates proclaim their qualifications and experience in governing, it would seem that demonstrated personal qualities should rank as most important, particularly Leadership, when determining who can best guide the country. Leadership is a personal quality that drives success in the face of failure, hope when others are despaired, and inspiration when fatigued efforts are expended.

  • STATE HOUSE REPORT: Dennis Moss's take on new session

    The second regular session of the 117th South Carolina General Assembly convened Jan. 8. Things were already happening in Columbia -- Dec. 5 was the first wave of prefiled legislation; the second prefiled date was Dec. 12. There are many significant issues that may be considered by the General Assembly when it reconvenes.

    Education is always an important issue at the State House. Legislation establishing the S.C. Public School Choice Program was approved by the General Assembly during 2007, but the Governor's veto of the legislation was sustained.

  • LEGISLATIVE HAPPENINGS: Beginning the last, bittersweet session

    After being in my home district, returning to Columbia after six months to begin a new session, is always an exciting, but a hard change. During the interim we enjoy visiting with our constituents and looking after their needs. We still do that in Columbia, but the additional responsibilities of legislating makes life very busy.

  • GUEST COLUMN: South Carolinians should look at Ron Paul

    I remember the day I told my grandmother I was moving to Chester. She was thrilled. Her own mother was originally from Greenville, and Grandmother believed that South Carolinians were a group of independent thinkers who made their decisions based on personal principles rather than popular opinion.

    If my grandmother was "on the money," then my husband is a South Carolinian by heart if not by birth, and the ideal presidential candidate for South Carolina might very well be Ron Paul.

  • Manners are taking me nowhere, fast

    I was a constant source of embarrassment to my wife any time we were in a social setting more formal than a backyard barbecue. No matter how hard I tried to get through such an evening without committing a major faux pas, it just wouldn't happen.

    It is my fate in life to always be the one who knocks over the water glass, tucks the table cloth into his belt, or horror of horrors, eats his salad with the dessert fork.

  • Sen. Clinton kept cutting me off

    It must have been a touch of Christmas spirit that compelled me to pick up my phone when it rang this weekend and flashed "unknown name and unknown number" on my caller ID.

    A hot dog wienie has a better chance against my bulldog than this happening. I don't pick up the phone half the time when I recognize the caller and the number.

    What ever motivated my venture into the unknown, I was surprised and delighted to discover I was receiving a personal phone call from presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

  • GUEST COLUMN: The impact of impact fees in Chester County

    What are impact fees? When are they appropriate? Based on the recent N&R article, "County looks at impact fees" (Nov. 28, 2007), I would like to take a moment to answer these two questions based on my professional commercial and residential real estate experience.