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  • All I want for Christmas is a $10k chicken pod
  • Forget the turkey, cook a deer

    The smell of turkey and dressing will fill the air as cooks prepare their Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.

    A  bountiful feast with the traditional bird and side dishes of rice and gravy, green beans, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, corn and other favorites are sure to satisfy the appetites of young and old alike.

  • Duke postpones reservoir drawdown

    Duke Energy has announced a change in the dates for the Great Falls Reservoir drawdown originally scheduled for Nov. 12-17.

    In the Lower Catawba – Great Falls/Fishing Creek reservoirs, the Great Falls Reservoir will be drawn down about 25 feet the week of Dec. 4 to repair equipment at the Dearborn Hydro Station.

    To maintain the Great Falls Reservoir drawdown, the Fishing Creek Reservoir will be lowered by about five feet to a level of 95.2-feet local datum and operation of the Fishing Creek Hydro Station will be limited.

  • FCSO offers church security presentations

    The  Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office extends its most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragic shooting incident that occurred recently at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

  • Feeding the town
  • Thomas comes full circle

    Chloe Thomas’ softball career really began at a tryout for a travel ball team in Cherokee County. It will likely end in the same location.

    Thomas, a senior pitcher at Lewisville High School, signed to Thursday to play softball at Limestone College in Cherokee.

    Thomas actually grew up playing baseball with many of her male friends. At a certain point, her father Jerry (Lewisville’s head softball coach) told her she needed shift over to softball. She immediately knew it was what she wanted to spend the rest of her days as an athlete playing.

  • Belk will be all he can be

    With Lewisville being in the playoffs, Josh Belk never knows when his last game will be in a Lions uniform. Even so, he knows when his last high school game will be.

    Last week, Belk was officially presented with his U.S. Army All-American jersey during a ceremony at the school. He knew the honor was coming, having been officially selected to participate in the Army All-American Bowl earlier this year. Still, he said it was an honor to officially be able to put the jersey on.

  • Lions, Trojans battle for trip to upperstate finals

    The road for the Lewisville Lions to the state title game this year has been, well, the road.

    For the third straight week, the Lions will be the visitors as they travel tonight to face off against Ridge Spring-Monetta for a third round playoff battle.

    “Not only are we on the road, every trip we’ve had has been at least two hours, including this one,” said Coach Will Mitchell.

  • My mother is a klepto?

    Some of you readers may remember that I am no stranger to lawlessness (see my column entitled “I am a Criminal and Fugitive from a Soda Fountain” if you don’t believe this) but my minor infractions pale in comparison to the criminal career of my mother.

  • Leave my turkey alone!

    I’m fascinated by food. It’s one of the few things every person on the planet has in common. Though people in different countries (or even different areas of the same country) eat different things, we all have to have food to live and survive and most of us commune and communicate around the dinner table. So, whenever I see some story about “hot, new food trends” I usually read them with interest…then get exasperated and make fun of them in this space fairly regularly.