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  • Home Sweet Home for Devils and Cycs

    Fans of Great Falls and Chester were busy on Friday.

    Not only were they cheering their own teams to victory, but they were also rooting for Ridge Spring-Monetta and Union County.

    When Ridge Spring-Monetta knocked off top-seeded Whitmire, it ensured that the upperstate title game in Division II-A would be played at Great Falls. When it was announced just after the Red Devils knocked off McBee that Whitmire had fallen, a big on-field celebration broke out.

  • Support the Cyclones Day slated for Friday

    The Chester Senior High School Cyclones Football Team has a 10-2 record going into its third round home playoff game against Daniel High School.

    It is the first 10-win season in over 40 years.

    The players and coaches have worked hard and practiced many long hours to reach this level of excellence.

    In support of the Cyclones, Chester High School and the Chester High School Athletic Booster Club have named Friday, Nov. 16, as Support The Cyclones Day.

  • Walton's View
  • Asking the big question about life: What If?

    What if there was no heaven or hell? Would we still be kind to each other? If there was no promise of reward or threat of retribution would we behave much the way we do now? Is the goodness that prompts us to offer a newly baked pie to a new neighbor born from a desire to please God or is it part of that inscribed direction we are born with that helps us be social animals.

  • Plastics manufacturer meets with council

    Nothing public was said, but Chester County Council met with an official of a company bringing at least 400 jobs to the county Monday night. George M. Hall, executive vice president of Poly-America, met with county council Monday night. The Texas based plastics manufacturer, has bought a site in Chester County in between Chester and Richburg on S.C. Highway 9.

    County Councilman Archie Lucas said it was the first time he has had a chance to meet with a company official, and he was pleased.

  • Great Falls Christmas Parade set for Sunday

    The Great Falls Christmas Parade will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18.

    It will begin in the downtown area and will end at First Citizens Bank.

    Late entries will be accepted.

    All three-wheelers, four-wheelers and motorbikes need to stay together. Do not turn around and come back down Main Street for any reason.

    Animal units must not come down Main Street prior to the parade.

    The following line-up is close to accurate, but changes may occur.

    1) Great Falls Police Department -- Chief Mike Revels

    2) Great Falls Parade banner

  • News & Reporter letters to the editor

    Neely Roof family thankful for prayers, support

    To the Editor:

  • No get-out-of-drought cards

    We wrote last week about county officials' growing realization of the severity of the drought we are in.

    The information was in our story, but in case it wasn't clear enough, take heed. People with wells who think they are safe from the drought, who think they are immune from the conservation restrictions being placed on people tied into municipal water, are not.

  • UPDATE II: Sewer resolution spells out what Fort Lawn needs

    No agreements have been made to tie the Fort Lawn sewer system into the Lancaster City sewer department.

    But Fort Lawn Town Council voted last week to support and push a regional plan that calls for several different government agencies and businesses to help keep town residents on a muncipal sewer system.

    Springs Global announced last year it would reduce the work force at the Grace Finishing Plant, which has a wastewater treatment facility.

  • Young family set back by fire

    April Wines had to take her husband and his step-father to work Nov. 5.

    So she wasn't in the home, like she normally would be, with 8-month-old son Michael, when the house, a little "baby doll house" the couple loved and moved into about seven months ago, caught fire and burned.

    The house was a total loss, putting the young couple out.

    They are staying with April's mother, Carol Polk.

    Polk's other son, 22-year-old Kevin Polk also recently moved back in with Carol.

    "I got all my kids back," Polk said. "But it's tough for them."