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  • UPDATE II: Sewer resolution spells out what Fort Lawn needs

    No agreements have been made to tie the Fort Lawn sewer system into the Lancaster City sewer department.

    But Fort Lawn Town Council voted last week to support and push a regional plan that calls for several different government agencies and businesses to help keep town residents on a muncipal sewer system.

    Springs Global announced last year it would reduce the work force at the Grace Finishing Plant, which has a wastewater treatment facility.

  • Young family set back by fire

    April Wines had to take her husband and his step-father to work Nov. 5.

    So she wasn't in the home, like she normally would be, with 8-month-old son Michael, when the house, a little "baby doll house" the couple loved and moved into about seven months ago, caught fire and burned.

    The house was a total loss, putting the young couple out.

    They are staying with April's mother, Carol Polk.

    Polk's other son, 22-year-old Kevin Polk also recently moved back in with Carol.

    "I got all my kids back," Polk said. "But it's tough for them."

  • Sanford tours metal roofing plant

    S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford brought a message of government reform but also asked a crowd, mostly of local leaders, what they think he should focus on when the legislature reconvenes in January.

  • Health grants exceed $1 million

    The Chester County Healthcare Foundation announced $377,500 in grants Thursday night, with board members throwing their hands in the air at the total.

  • Project to give patients 'Something To Love'

    Kelly Vinson of Chester has seen the devastating effects Alzheimer's disease can have on a person.

    When her mother-in-law, 73, was stricken with the disease, the family tried to keep her at home as long as they could. As her condition worsened, however, they were forced to put her in homes.

    "This was an active, Bible-reading, people-loving, perfect woman," Vinson said. "We don't know why this God-awful disease took over her body."

  • After-school program gets grant

    Great Falls High School's Fifth Quarter program received a $35,000 grant from the Chester Healthcare Foundation Thursday night.The program is one of a number of wellness programs in the county that were given grants in the Foundation's first-ever cycle, in the Spring.

  • County Council looks at fixing up G.F. War Memorial

    Help may be on the way for the Great Falls War Memorial Building soon.

    Chester County Council appointed a committee to look at problems with the building and suggestions for fixing them up, as well as looking at rental rates intended to keep people from abusing the center.

    The War Memorial in Great Falls is one of the cheapest places to rent in the county, some say. Its affordability makes it attractive to even out-of-county events.

    The rates are substantially lower than what the War Memorial Building in Chester charges. Both are county-owned facilities.

  • Fired officer denied vacation pay

    A longtime Chester police officer dismissed in September from the Chester City Police Department was denied a request to be paid for vacation time she was never able to use.

    Wanda Alexander, who was fired from the police force after a complaint from a jailer that she had touched him with a taser, addressed Chester City Council on Monday night.

    "When I was terminated on Sept. 12, I had 135.25 vacation hours that I was not compensated for," Alexander told council. "I earned this time."

  • Mobley resigns

    After holding the position for less than one year, David Mobley abruptly resigned his slot as Chester City administrator on Monday.

    Mobley wasn't present at Monday's meeting, and an item dealing with personnel in the administrative department was listed for discussion in the council's executive session. When the closed door session ended, Mayor Mitch Foster read from a letter Mobley wrote to the city earlier in the day.

    "My time in Chester has been a very rewarding experience," Mobley's letter stated. "However, economics have forced me to make this decision."

  • BREAKING NEWS: Mobley resigns.

    Chester City Administrator David Mobley resigned his post effective immediately on Monday. Check OnlineChester.com later tonight and Wednesday's edition of The News & Reporter for a full story.