Today's News

  • Gang graffiti in Fort Lawn investigated

    The Fort Lawn Police Department has investigated several incidents of gang graffiti being plastered around town.

    Police Lt. Robbie Cauthen said the department has never had any prior gang activity and he is not sure if this is real, copy-cat or "wanna-be" activity.

    "Problem with wanna be is it can end up being the real thing, sometimes," he said.

    There are no leads in the case so far.

    "We followed some leads (Wednesday), but they haven't turned up anything yet," Cauthen said.

  • Chester Legion team pounds Clover, remains in first place

    No practice, no problem.

    In its first action after an eight-day lay-off, the Chester American Legion Post 27 baseball team pounded out 17 hits in an 18-10 win over Clover.

  • Chester high in cancer, study says
  • Washington resigns

    Darryl Washington resigned his position as a Chester County deputy last week, The N&R learned Tuesday.

    Washington won a seat on Great Falls Town Council in an April election, but put off for about two weeks his swearing-in to that seat, which was to take place June 2. Two unsuccessful candidates for the council questioned whether he could hold the office under the state's dual office ban.

  • Calls keep officer busy

    Great Falls Police were busy Monday night when several calls came in around the same time.

    Police Chief Mike Revels said Sgt. Ricky Williford was at the scene of a motorcycle accident about 1:30 a.m. when he got a call to respond to a structure fire on Seaboard Street.

    According to police reports, Mikey I. Small, 29, of 4015 Fairway Dr., Little River, was driving a Honda motorcycle and April D. Eubanks, 24, of 101 Old Stover Road, Blackstock, was a passenger on the motorcycle when the accident happened.

  • Autry feels comfortable with $1 million budget

    Great Falls Town Council-woman Joyce Autry, chairwoman of the finance committee, said preparing a household budget is nothing in comparison with working on a $1 million budget for a government entity.

    "It's nothing compared to a household budget," Autry said. "It's much more complicated."

    The Great Falls town council gave second reading and final approval to the proposed $1,001,1888 general fund budget for the 2008-2009 budget during the June 16 meeting.

    The council also approved a $301,000 waste water budget.

  • Ethanol plant going to Carlisle: Chester County still exploring bio-fuel options

    An ethanol company announced a large production facility, but it is not in Chester County.

    The state Department of Commerce and Union County Economic Development Board on Tuesday announced that Osage Bio Energy plans to locate an ethanol production facility in eastern Union County. The plant will be a $161.5 million investment with 75 new jobs.

    Two ethanol projects had been considering Chester County, according to officials here. This project is not one of those two.

  • 3 sought in July 6 beating at Golden Wok

    The Chester Sheriff's Office is investigating a beating incident that injured three people Sunday night at the Golden Wok on the J.A. Cochran Bypass.

    Deputies were called to the the incident around 11:20 p.m. Sunday night.

    One victim suffered a broken left foot and another had a knot and swelling on the right side of his head, according to the report.

    The report said the case was possibly an attempted strong arm robbery.

    One victim said two workers left the rear of the restaurant taking out the trash, when three men stepped out from behind the dumpster.

  • Fatality on S.C. 9 near Broad River bridge

    A 65-year-old man from Greenville was killed and a second one was flown by helicopter to an emergency room after a head-on collision Tuesday afternoon on S.C. Highway 9 near the Broad River bridge. Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker confirmed there was one fatality in the accident, which had traffic backed up about a half a mile around 4 p.m. on S.C. 9.

    According to the S.C. Highway Patrol, the man did use his seatbelt.

    Two helicopters were called in but only one was needed as one of the accident victims died at the scene, according to Tinker.

  • County gives Fort Lawn $125,000 for sewer

    Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey has approved a $125,000 payment that will go to the town of Fort Lawn to help it join a "regional" sewer system with Lancaster County.

    Town Council members approached Chester County in March to ask for some money to help it join the system.

    Town officials said if they did not get $300,000 to pay to join the system, sewer rates for town residents would have to be drastically increased again.