Today's News

  • Stuart proclaims Sunday "One Carolina Day"

    Some people refer to it as "Super Bowl Sunday" but it will officially be called "One Carolina Day" in Chester County.

    On Thursday, Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart issued a proclamation...

  • FLCC director answer questions from Fort Lawn Council on preschool project

    Fort Lawn Community Center Director Libby Sweatt-Lambert had to answer some direct questions from town council at their February meeting about the FLCC’s actions concerning the money set aside for the center’s preschool project.

  • County won't repair private drive

    Chester County won't be performing repair work on a private driveway, which one councilman says is a break with tradition.

    At Monday's meeting of Chester County Council, Councilman John Wayne Holcombe mentioned that he'd been talking for some time to three county residents about their driveways. All three are disabled and live along on a short, private drive called Lindsey Drive. Holcombe said the dirt road is in terrible disrepair and needs to be fixed for safety reasons.

  • Sheriff’s Office investigates shooting

    Chester County deputies are still investigating the case of a man who was shot in the leg on Flint Street in Chester late Tuesday night.

    According to an incident report from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, officers were called to the site of the Ramsey Grove Apartments on Flint Street just before midnight Tuesday on a call of shots fired. While the sheriff’s deputy was on the way to the scene, the officer was notified that someone had been shot.

  • Chester community gives input on fairgrounds plan

    Some Chester citizens and community leaders came out to Chester City Hall earlier this week to give their input into a proposed plan for the Old Fairgrounds Sports Complex being carried out by the City of Chester.

    The first community meeting on the Old Fairgrounds project was held in June 2015. This second meeting was held to share ideas and provide feedback directly to the engineers of the firm who is producing the master plan and design of the site.

  • Bain wants to create ‘synergy’

    The word “synergy” which means the interaction of elements that combine to produce a total effect, is what new Chester County Interim School Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain hopes to create as head of Chester County schools.
    It’s a word you’ll hear her using a lot as she describers how she wants to pull the diverse elements of school board, district staff, principals, teachers and the public together working for the same common goal: the children of Chester County.

  • Fire truck plans go up in smoke

    The Richburg Fire Department will not be getting the new $1.2 million fire truck it was seeking, but will be able to seek a used fire truck at a substantially lower price.

  • Witness reports water discoloration in Rocky Creek

    A witness contacted Chester County emergency officials late Sunday to report a discoloration in Rocky Creek that led to a runoff of water from the Scotts/Hyponex plant.
    According to Chester County Emergency Management Director Eddie Murphy, his office was contacted late Sunday afternoon about the discoloration in the water of Rocky Creek.

  • SC Works Boral employment event set for Thursday

    SC Works will hold an employment event for local industry Boral Culture Stone on Thursday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Fort Lawn Community Center.
    Roger Hurt, a business solutions consultant with SC Works, said anyone can utilize the SC Works services, “people who are unemployed, or under employed or people who are looking for a change in career – everyone is welcome to utilize SC Works resources and facilities,” he said.

  • Giti: Tires will roll out in 2016

    To coin a phrase, the construction at the Giti Tire plant in Chester County outside of Richburg is rolling – literally.
    Giti Tire Vice President of Manufacturing Hank Eisenga says construction at the Chester County plant is on schedule and the company plans to begin producing tires there in the last part of this year.
    The plant broke ground in February 2015, continuing their projection of creating about 1,700 new jobs and investing in Chester County by constructing  a $560 million plant.