Today's News

  • Like working with kids? District invites you to be a bus driver

    If you like working with kids, don't mind early working hours and know your way around the county, the Chester County School District is looking for you. The district is seeking bus drivers for the Chester, Great Falls and Lewisville attendance areas.
    Charles Worthy drives Bus  No. 7. His route is in the Chester city limits, East Chester, Brooklyn and Dawson Drive. Worthy has been a bus driver for about eight years.
    Worthy said he is a bus driver because he enjoys interacting with the students

  • Assigning blame in landfill fire

    With the Bennett Landfill again burning, questions have now begun to turn toward who to blame for the mess caused by the prolonged fire.

  • "The money's here, ready to spend, you can go to work"

    Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey had a message for the different entities receiving penny sales tax money for their projects: “the money is here, ready to spend, you can go to work.”

  • Rumford: "measured action" on town's financial woes

    Faced with rising expenses and very little income to pay for them, the Town of Fort Lawn is considering several options to deal with the financial woes. Not drastic measures, but what Mayor John Rumford calls “a measured action”.

  • Award named in Frank Murphy's honor

    From 1977 until 2013, the name "Frank Murphy" was synonymous with excellence among state troopers. Now it always will be.
    Starting this year, the supervisors of South Carolina Highway Patrol Post C will choose the Trooper of the Year in honor of Murphy, the Chester native who passed away in an off-duty accident in 2013.
    "Daddy was larger that life," said Murphy's daughter Rhonda Kelsey. "He loved without limits. He loved his girls and loved his trooper family."

  • Tickets on sale for third annual Sportsman's Banquet

    Third time's the charm for the Outdoor Christian Ministry when it comes to the Annual Sportsman's Banquet, but the first time and the second time were the charm, too.
    “God has blessed us,” said event organizer Rog Rodgers. The event is planed beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21 at Chester Freedom Ministries.

  • Lockhart residents say landfill fire making them sick

    Lockhart Mayor Ailene Ashe summed everything up pretty well.
    "Where there's smoke, there's fire," she said.
    There's still plenty of both at the Bennett Landfill (located on the edge of Chester County near the Broad River) and residents in nearby Lockhart want something to be done about it. Ashe, officials from DHEC and emergency personnel met at Lockhart Town Hall Tuesday afternoon to discuss the continuing problem and what can be done about it.

  • Georgia construction firm 'grateful for opportunity' to work with Giti Tire

    The Georgia construction company that was awarded the bid last week for the Giti Tire site preparation said they will work with Giti Tire to get a start date soon. They said their plan is to definitely utilize local construction workers on the project.
    Brad Cole Construction of Carrollton, Ga. was the low bidder and the winner of the contract for the preparation of the 250 acres of the 1,152 acre pieces of land that will be the site of the Giti Tire manufacturing and distribution plant near Richburg.
    Brad Cole's base bid for the project was $7.9 million.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Williams withdraws from city race

    Three people filed to run for the vacant seat on Chester City Council, but only two will be actively pursuing it.
    LaTanya Williams informed the Chester County Voter Registration and Elections Office last week that she would no longer be a candidate for the Ward IV council seat. Williams said her interest in local politics has not waned, but the amount of time she has to dedicate to them has for right now.

  • School district will show appreciation to school board

    The Chester County School District will join school districts across the state in January to say thanks to  a group of people who sometimes seem to have a thankless job – the members of the school board of trustees.
    January is School Board Appreciation Month.
    According to the S.C. School Boards Association, more than 600 locally elected and appointed school board members throughout S.C. will by recognized by schools and their communities for their service and dedication to public education.