Today's News

  • Adult Ed programs hold (work)keys to brighter future

    In her Adult Ed classroom at the Chester County Career Center, transition specialist Lindy Blanks holds up three laminated cards; one is gold, one silver and one bronze. You'd never know it to look at them, but for a lot of Chester County jobseekers, these three cards are actually the keys to the future.
    The cards are WorkKeys certifications, and helping Chester County Adult Ed students prepare for them is one of transition specialist Blanks' missions.

  • Sheriff's Department says expensive upgrades needed

    The Chester County Sheriff's Department says it will be shut off from state and federal crime databases without significant upgrades to its network.
    On Monday, Cpt. Doug McMurray addressed Chester County Council about the issue. He said he was speaking to them in his capacity as network administrator for the sheriff's department. McMurray said he had been told by both SLED and the FBI that Chester has to come into compliance with newer, more stringent guidelines where network security is concerned. He said he had been given about 75 pages of documents on the issue.

  • CMS principal expands dress code to reduce "outside issues"

    Chester Middle School Principal Cedrick Tidwell has taken action to eliminate “outside issues” from the school environment, by issuing a ban on “all camouflage gear” at the school. According to some calls to The N&R from parents, some of them don't understand his motivations or appreciate the actions taken.

  • Council approves Lewis Fire special tax district

    Voters will have a chance to vote up or down on a special tax district for Lewis Fire.

  • Huskey: Y changes to meet community needs

    When the Chester County  branch of the YMCA decided they would no longer offer tackle football, YMCA branch director Chris Huskey said the messages flew thick and fast over social media.
    That decision, and some other of what Huskey calls “tough decisions” were because the Chester YMCA brach was changing to meet the community needs. But that doesn't mean the community liked the change, Huskey said.

  • Skydive Carolina teams compete at National of Skydiving

    Several teams from Skydive Carolina in Chester loaded up into vehicles this past week and headed to Chicago, IL (appropriately enough, called “the Windy City”) to compete in the 2014 U.S. Parachute Association (USPA) Skydiving Nationals at Skydive Chicago. The teams are continuing their competition this week.

  • Lockheed tech urges parents: Prepare for War

    There's going to be a war, the guest speaker at the recent State of the School Summit at the Chester Park School of Inquiry told parents, and it's a war for their children's talents. His message was how to prepare for it.

  • What the penny will pay for: Life-saving equipment

    One of the items the penny sales tax will pay for is not something that will improve life for Chester County residents, it may actually save a life.
    The amount of $215,000 on the list of penny sales tax projects is earmarked for combination monitors/defibrillators and some up-to-date stretchers for the county ambulances, said Chester County EMS Director Britt Lineberger.

  • 9-11: Hulse remembers, hopes the community remembers too

    Richard Hulse of Fort Lawn will always remember September 11, 2001. He lost three friends and 343 brothers that day.
    Hulse is a former chief of the Greenport Fire Department of Long Island, New York. He knew three guys in the FDNY (Fire Department of New York) who were killed when the Twin Towers fell that day.
    “Two of them were instructors for the Suffolk County Fire Academy that I attended.

  • Sheriff's Department looking for attempted murderer

    The Chester County Sheriff's Office is looking for an attempted murderer.
    On Monday at approximately 9:48 p.m., deputies were dispatched to the scene of a shooting. Upon arrival, deputies executed a thorough check of Vance Drive and Parkway Drive, then learned that the victim of the shooting had been taken to Chester Regional Medical Center in a personal vehicle. Deputies went there and found the man, 24-year-old John Berry Camps, who had been shot twice. The on-call investigator was contacted and the scene and case were turned over to him.