Great Falls Reporter

  • Town to hire sewer engineer

    After a three-hour meeting behind closed doors Thursday, the Great Falls town council voted to hire an engineer to aid the town with its waste water operations.

    “We uncovered we needed an engineer to assist with our waste water treatment plant,” Town Attorney Brian Grier said.

    Grier said council agreed to retain the services of an engineer to handle its waste water services.

    “The council approved for me to contact an engineer to handle our town’s waste water matters,” Great Falls Mayor H.C. “Speedy” Starnes Jr. said.

  • Town cleared in lawsuit

    The Town of Great Falls was cleared last week in a lawsuit filed after a high-speed chase by a former police officer.

    The lawsuit was tried in Fairfield County.

    The case was tried in Fairfield County because the accident happened over the county line, eeTown Attorney Brian Grier said.

    A motorcyclist chased by Great Falls Police in 2003 filed the suit against the police department, claiming a town police officer struck his motorcycle and injured him.

    A police report of the 2003 incident said the officer was chasing the motorcycle which struck the police car.ee

  • G.F. police chase suit in court this week

    A lawsuit against the Town of Great Falls has gone to trial this week in Fairfield County.

    A motorcyclist chased by Great Falls Police in 2003 filed the suit against the police department, claiming a town police officer struck his bike and injured him. The town may learn Thursday evening the outcome of the lawsuit.

    A police report of the 2003 incident said the officer was chasing the motorcycle, which struck the police car.

    The original court documents list Derrick McCrorey and Kishina McCrorey as plaintiffs in the case against the town.

  • Public input sought for streetscape project

    A drop-in to discuss the Flopeye Phase II streetscape project will be held at the Great Falls Town Hall on Monday, Aug. 18, from 5:30 until 7 p.m. prior to the monthly council meeting.

    The town received a $250,000 grant from the SC Department of Trans-portation to provide improvements on both sides of Dearborn Street from Catawba Avenue to the Great Falls Senior Citizens Center.

    The grant will provide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks with brick pavers.

  • Li'l Man is now known as the Big Dog

    Trey Tarlton, like most other boys his age, has big dreams.

    Trey wants to become a NASCAR driver.

    He said he would like to follow in the footsteps of NASCAR champions Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon.

    If he manages to make the racing circuit, “Lil Man” Trey will already have experience in several facets of the sport.

    Almost every weekend, Trey, 11, suits up in his fire retardant gloves, clothing and shoes and takes to the track.

  • Storm slaps Great Falls

    A tree was downed at the intersection of Walnut Street and Underwood Avenue.

    The top of the tree broke and snatched down the power line.

    Lt. Tony Tomashot said there were downed trees on Birch, Calhoun, and Republic streets also. The storm started around 4:30 and included rain, hail and high winds.

    The Great Falls Police and Rescue Squad set up the barricades at the above intersection of Walnut and Underwood to divert traffic.

  • Changes are in store at police department

    Newly elected Town Councilman Darryl Wash-ington has ideas for improvement at the Great Falls Police Department.

    Washington tapped on some avenues for change during his police committee report during the town council meeting on July 21. Because his suggestions were not included as items for discussion on the agenda, the council could not talk about the proposals.

    Washington plans to have the proposals included on next month's agenda, he said.

  • Mayor wants mill sale stopped

    Great Falls Mayor H.C. "Speedy" Starnes Jr. said Monday he and the town council want to do whatever it takes to stop the sale of Republic Mill No. 2 to a Virginia man, but he didn't realize it would require the filing of a lawsuit, nor that it would be filed Friday.

  • Washington to offer motivational speaking

    Great Falls Town Councilman Darryl Wash-ington has more free time to devote to town business.

    Washington, a former Chester County deputy and school resource officer at Great Falls High School, resigned from his job on June 27.

    He is now unemployed, he said.

    "I'm just focusing on town business," Washington said.

    Washington said he is also focusing on motivational speaking engagements.

    "I write speeches all the time," Washington said. "It's just something I do."

  • Town adds to its needs list

    A priority needs list for the town was developed in March 2007. That list was revisited by Great Falls Town Council Monday night.

    The council also approved a 4 mill tax increase. The increase will be $8 on a $50,000 home.