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  • Official delivery
  • You’ve invited to the dam birthday party!

    There’s going to be a spectacular birthday party! And you’re invited!

    The party is being held to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Fishing Creek Dam, also known as Nitrolee Dam.

    Sponsored by Duke Energy, a fireworks show by Pyrotecnico will be held to commemorate the dam’s birthday during the 33rd annual Flopeye Fish.

  • Restaurant offers affordable family dining

    Bobby and Julie Dutton know how much it costs to take a family out to dinner. They have seven children.

    “It’s expensive to take a family of nine out to eat,” Julie Dutton said.

    The Duttons want to offer families an opportunity to go out to dinner that won’t break their bank.

    The couple bought the Great Falls Family Restaurant at 514 Chester Ave. from Arturo Gomez and opened under new ownership on April 24.

  • Unhealthy dog seized by Animal Control, owner charged with cruelty

    A dog seized by Chester County Animal Control appeared to have weighed about one third of its normal weight, a Great Falls Police Department report said.

    The dog’s unhealthy condition led to the arrest of Timothy Bryan Messer, 24, of 55 Circle St. Messer was charged with animal cruelty and was released on a $2,500 personal recognizance bond.

    Great Falls Police Chief Steven Rice said police contacted Messer and he turned himself in, leading to the judge issuing the personal recognizance bond.

  • Lake Wateree area targeted by thieves

    Over the past two weeks, several thefts have occurred in the Lake Wateree area, specifically Rockbridge Road and Bluebird Lane in Fairfield County.

    Suspects have taken items ranging from jet skis, utility trailers and tools. It is believed that most of these thefts have occurred on the weekends and appears that some construction sites may be targeted also.

  • Adult Ed, celebrating victories together

    Patricia “Patti” Self is determined to show other people she can do what they said she could not.

    Self, 48, said she has been told all of her life that she cannot meet her goal but she is relentless to prove she can.

    A two-year student and the oldest in the Great Falls High School Adult Education program, Self has always served as a caregiver for others and never had the time or determination to do things she wanted to do.

    She took care of her parents and grandparents when they were sick and is now a caregiver to her husband who has COPD.

  • Clean up won’t happen overnight, Rice says

    Steven Rice is the town’s police chief and also serves as nuisance abatement officer.

    He has been charged with enforcing the law and town ordinances related to nuisance abatement.

    “As enforcer of nuisance abatement, can you give us an update on houses to be torn down and on the trailer at the intersection?” Councilman Earl Taylor asked Rice during the April 18 meeting.

    Rice said $8,000 is included in the town budget to demolish houses and he wants to know how many houses the town wants to bid out for demolition.

  • Eat a pizza, support an athlete

    Nick Pappas, owner of the Great Falls House of Pizza, said the town has been supportive of his business and now it’s his turn to return the favor.

    Pappas has partnered with the Great Falls High School Athletic Department and pledged to donate a percentage of the income at his restaurant between 6 and 9 p.m. on the last Tuesday of every month to the athletic program.

    The first sports fundraiser will be held on Tuesday, May 30, from 6 until 9 p.m.

  • Fanning inducted in FCSD Hall of Fame

    Mike Fanning, candidate for South Carolina Senate from District 17, was inducted into the Fairfield County School District Hall of Fame on April 30.

    The Fairfield County School District Hall of Fame was established in 2013 to honor people whose activities have resulted in significant contributions to the betterment of the school district, the community, state or nation.