• Warning sirens are now in place in county

    A contractor is completing the last placement of some warning sirens designed to give Chester County residents advance notice in the event of a tornado or other potential natural disaster, said Chester County Emergency Management Director Eddie Murphy.

  • City hires attorney to handle zoning lawsuit

    The City of Chester has hired an attorney to represent it in a lawsuit brought by a pair of citizens.

  • Fort Lawn answers some FOIA requests, sets FOIA fees

    The Town of Fort Lawn has recently had some Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from a citizen and a government transparency group. The requests spurred the town to establish an FOIA policy and a fee schedule for fulfilling FOIA requests.

    Mayor John Rumford reported to the members of town council at their September meeting on the FOIA requests the town had received and the town’s response.

  • County finalizes sale of "road to nowhere"

    The “road to nowhere” is officially leaving the county system.

    On Monday, Chester County Council gave third and final reading approval to a proposal that will sell a small, abandoned road. Since it isn’t open to the public, not much is actually known about the road (number 080-06-02-028-000 on the tax map), other than it is less than a mile long, is located off of Purity Road and is inaccessible to vehicles. In fact, it has been closed for a quarter of a century.

  • The (Christmas) light bill

    There was a brief possibility the lights were going to be turned off on “Christmas in Chester” but the event will go on with more features and attractions than ever before.

  • Flushing money down the toilet?

    The City of Chester, literally, is sitting on top of up to $12 million worth of liability.

    At Monday’s meeting of Chester City Council, there was a brief discussion of sewer line patches that were required for Saluda, Oak and Linwood Streets. That morphed into a larger narrative about how potentially crippling the sewer system can become financially for the city.

    “It’s a liability to keep this,” said Councilwoman Angela Douglas. “We don’t have the money.”

  • Commercial kitchen project still alive

    It’s taken six years, but the City of Chester is finally making some serious headway on its commercial kitchen project.

  • Shane Stuart's "wooden" odyssey
  • Chester moving forward with city administrator interviews

    It appears the City of Chester may be close to filling its biggest opening.

    The city has been without an administrator since Sandi Worthy resigned in April, though she had been absent for a while longer, with her departure preceded by a lengthy medical leave. Chester City Council has declined to hire an interim, with two votes to put Human Resources Director Carla Roof in the position having been narrowly defeated. Roof has been placed in charge of day-to-day operations at Chester City Hall since early April, however.

  • Unemployment up again in August

    The unemployment rate in Chester County edged up slightly in August. It marked the fourth straight month the rate increased.