• Drivers can get some of that Roads Bill tax money back

    Just before the holidays, state Rep. MaryGail Douglas handed out some change purses to citizens that were imprinted with her name and her House District 41 title, but it’s what was inside the purses that was really important. The reason for the change purses was a slip of paper that detailed how drivers could take advantage of a tax credit that was written into the South Carolina Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act, commonly called “the Roads Bill.”

  • Curtis leaving city grants administrator job

    Energy. Spark. Cooperation. These are all words that define how City of Chester Grants Coordinator Cynthia Curtis has done her job.

    Curtis has been working behind the scenes, helping to make contacts with donors and facilitating the obtaining of grants for the City of Chester since starting in the position part-time in 2014.

    Now she is taking that expertise and those contacts she has made while working for the city and starting on a new adventure.

  • Rumford reflects on Fort Lawn's year

    2017 was a year filled with some very high points for the Town of Fort Lawn and a few low ones. This year saw the passing of beloved and long-time councilmember Thomas Reddick in June.

    Reddick served on council from 2008 through 2017. He served as both councilmember and Mayor Pro Tempore during his previous terms of office.

    During the town’s annual Christmas dinner, Fort Lawn Mayor John Rumford reflected on what 2017 was like for the town.

  • City working on attorney, admin contracts in advance

    The unemployment rate was up and the number of people working in Chester County was down in November.

  • Fanning to Richburg Town Council: Biggest issue next year will be nuclear

    State Sen. Mike Fanning (D-SC) told the members of the Richburg Town Council and the members of the audience that the biggest issue the General Assembly will tackle next year will be nuclear.

    Fanning is the Senator for Fairfield County, where the debate over completing the V.C. Summer nuclear reactors continues to rage, and the fallout continues to be felt by power company officials, legislators and citizens alike.

  • County spending $65k for land adjacent to airport

    The Chester Catawba Regional Airport will be getting a little bigger and hopefully a great deal safer.

    One of the four items that Chester County Council discussed in executive session at a special called meeting Tuesday morning dealt with a contractual matter related to the airport. Upon returning to open session, Councilman Alex Oliphant moved that the county purchase 14 acres of land adjacent the airport (located off of Aaron Burr Road) for $65,000.

  • "Rising above" mundane public service

    You could say that the Chester County legislative delegation office will “rise above” what most people think of as the level of government service you normally get from the state – literally, “rise above.”

  • Chester Wastewater Recovery seeks taxing authority

    It was described as both essential for the future of Chester County’s growth and “a pig in a sack.”

    On Tuesday, Chester Wastewater Recovery (formerly known as the Chester Sewer District) met with Chester County Council to discuss the possibility of being granted taxing authority to pay off current indebtedness and to fund massive sewer system repair and expansion. 

  • City employees getting annual safety bonus

    It isn’t actually a Christmas bonus, it’s a bonus that happens to arrive around Christmas every year.

  • Tinker talks about coroner job, working with the media

    Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker turned the tables on The N&R recently as he set up a microphone and asked The N&R reporter Brian Garner about his job for an interview for the Sunday morning public affairs program that Tinker hosts on a local radio station.

    Their discussion ranged over a lot of topics, from Tinker asking about what it’s like to be a reporter on a community newspaper, to what his job as a coroner entails and how he works with the media to some insights into the coming holiday season and how drivers should be acting.