• Citizen's committee ready to advocate for school bond referendum

    A group of interested citizens who have been selected to advocate for the upcoming bond referendum for the Chester County School District is ready to “take their act on the road.”

  • Planners suggest layout of some classrooms for Workforce Readiness Center

    The architect and planners for the proposed Workforce Readiness Center recently presented to the Chester County School Board some preliminary designs and ideas for how the center could be laid out.

    Ben Thompson with AAG Architects presented the proposed layout to the board at their November meeting.

  • Amy Fabel is Rock Star Teacher of the Month

    Amy Fabel, a history teacher at Lewisville High School, is the Chester County School District Rock Star Teacher of the Month for November.

    She was nominated by several of her peers. Here are some of the things that were said about her on the nomination form:

    ‘She is always going above and beyond to help her students sitting in her classroom during lunch getting to school early and staying late to help her students.’

  • LMS celebrates SCDOE reading program participation with tailgate party
  • School board denies request for CHS field trip to Puerto Rico

    Concerns over conditions in Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by hurricanes lead the Chester County School Board to vote 5-2 Monday night to decline Chester High School’s request for a trip to the island in April.

    Following the approval of some other local field trips and one request for approval of a trip to New York, board member Dr. Anne Collins brought up the request for the field trip to Puerto Rico.

  • Too many tests?

    If a person looked at the Chester County School District testing calendar, they might well think students are taking too many tests. Chief Instructional Officer Dena Dunlap presented the testing calendar to the Chester County School Board members at their October meeting. Some of the board members commented that they thought the students were taking a lot of tests.

    “The state Department of Education feels that we need to be doing testing,’” said Dunlap.

  • CCSD: Not where we want to be with ACT, but getting there

    The S.C. Department of Education released the statewide results for the ACT college readiness test recently. Results for Chester County schools show the district has made progress, but is not yet where they want to be.

    The ACT is taken by all eleventh grade high school students in the spring of the 2016-2017 school year.

    District-level ACT results show in 2017 Chester County had 344 students taking the test; in 2016, it was 319.

    Average scores for each subject area tested: English 16.4; Math 17.4; Reading 17.5 and Science 18.0.

  • ATL students march to observe Red Ribbon Week

    It wasn't a protest mob, in fact, they weren’t a mob at all, but a group of people could be seen last week marching down the streets of Chester carrying signs and chanting slogans. It was concerned sixth through eighth grade students and faculty from the Academy of Teaching and Learning demonstrating their support of Red Ribbon Week and making their annual march to Chester City Hall.

  • True "Grit"

    There isn’t a sign of John Wayne or Glenn Campbell anywhere and no one is wearing an eye patch, but teachers at the Chester County School District have, as Kim Darby says in the movie of the same name, “True Grit,” (only in this case the GRIT stands for Growing Rigorous Instruction through Technology. In other words, teachers in the school district are learning how to better use all forms of technology to reach and teach their students.

  • County senior students explore careers at Career Expo

    Seniors from all three Chester County high schools had a chance to explore some career and college choice options recently at the 2017 session of the Chester County Career Expo.

    A total of 52 Chester County businesses, industries and higher learning institutions that accept students from the county signed up to take part in the Expo.

    The Expo is presented in partnership with the Chester County School District, Chamber of Commerce and the Chester Healthcare Foundation.