• Doves Tanning Nest want to "tan your hide"

    The folks at Doves Tanning Nest in Chester want to “tan your hide” but that’s a good thing. The full-service tanning salon held a ribbon cutting recently.
    The salon is owned by local business people Bobby and Dottie Dove and managed by Kaci Whitfield and Dove says this is the only tanning salon in Chester.
    The salon is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The hours are subject to change based on the winter hours, depending on the clientele.

  • Two new projects could bring 1,700 jobs, $1.7 billion in investment

    When Giti Tire announced that it was bringing 1,700 jobs and more than half-a-billion dollars in investment last summer, it seemed as though Chester County was feasting on one of the biggest economic development projects in state history. As it turns out, that may have just been an appetizer.
    Chester County Council has already passed third and final reading on another big project and is working towards final passage on another that could rival Giti in terms of jobs created and perhaps surpass it in terms of total investment.

  • Career Expo seeks business participation

    The Chester County School District, with support of the Chester Healthcare Foundation and the Chester County Chamber of Commerce, will hold their 5th Annual Career Expo on Oct. 23 at the Gateway Conference Center.
    Said Abby Brunson, the school district’s Career Development Facilitator, the purpose of the Career Expo is to showcase the career and college options that are available to local high school graduates. The Expo is not a job fair, Brunson explains.

  • As easy as (pizza) pie

    We could make all sorts of pizza-related puns about the Alino Pizzeria coming to the Merino’s Home Furnishings building in Fort Lawn, like the owners expect to make a lot of dough, or moving into the location was as easy as pie, or we had a chance to talk to the big cheese.

    We could make those puns, but we won’t. Pizza, Alino co-owner Joseph Ozbey will tell you, is serious business.

  • Suppliers "get their names in the hat" with Giti officials

    More than 500 suppliers of everything from raw materials to tires to uniforms packed the main room of the Gateway Conference Center Wednesday for the Giti Tire supplier outreach event.
    This was a chance for the suppliers to see and be seen by the tire company officials, including the purchasing team that would be looking at their companies for the supplies and services the plant will need.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Construction on Chester Giti plant begins Thursday

    Zachary Cosby, project manager for Shimizu North America, the construction firm for Giti Tire, confirmed this afternoon that construction will begin on the Giti Tire plant in Chester County on Thursday. It is expected that construction will be completed in 13 months.
    Giti announced its intention to build its Chester plant last summer. Once completed, the tire giant's facility is expected to employ 1,700 people and make a local investment of more than half-a-billion dollars. Check back to OnlineChester.com for updates.

  • Giti supplier outreach event is today

    The Giti plant supplier outreach event will be held today from 4 – 5:30 p.m. at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg.
    The event is being hosted by Chester County Economic development, along with the S.C. Department of Commerce.

  • Giti is coming up Roses

    A big sponsorship by GITI Tire will put a national spotlight on Chester County.
    Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. will sponsor one of America’s most iconic events that has been celebrated for more than a century, the Rose Parade.

  • County moving on "Project Wrap"

    Chester County could be moving close to wrapping up another economic development get.

  • Giti Tire execs will meet prospective suppliers at Sept. 30 event

    The phone on Chester County Economic Development Director Karlisa Parker’s desk has been ringing off the hook and her email inbox has been filled up as suppliers of all types have been contacting her about the Sept. 30 Giti Tire supplier outreach event.
    Parker explains the event does not require pre-registration.
    “Suppliers are calling us wanting to pre-register, but it’s not necessary,” said Parker.
    The flyer for the event says suppliers will:
    Learn about Giti Tire purchasing and typical sourcing areas for a tire plant;