• Addiction and subtraction:



    Editor’s note: The following article was written with contributions from someone in our community who is choosing to recover from opiate dependence. It is our hope that his story might help others in similar circumstances by reinforcing the message that recovery is possible. At the subject’s request, his name has been withheld. This article was written in cooperation with the Hazel Pittman Center.

    From Addiction to Treatment

  • Going to the polls: Now, then, forever

    Editor’s note: Doris A. Ezell-Schmitz taught Language Arts at Chester Middle School for 27 years and taught for one year at Lewisville High School and four years at Indian Land High School. She also taught for four years at Union County School District in Weddington, North Carolina.  She has lived in Rock Hill for the past 60 years.

  • Art and Ag in the South – Part two
  • An autism mom speaks

    (Editor’s note: Autism Awareness Day is April 2. Don’t forget to wear blue to show your support. In an effort to understand what life is like with an autistic child, The N&R recently sat down with Kristin Fairfax. In addition to her duties as a mom, Fairfax is the executive director of the Chester County United Way.)

    For most of us, Autism Awareness Day will be April 2 this year. For Kristin Fairfax, every day is autism awareness day. Her three-year-old son Layne was diagnosed with autism when he was about one.

  • Cinemax series looking for local extras

    A forthcoming Cinemax series is looking for extras and stand-ins from Chester County.

  • Blueberries, blackberries, peaches and strawberries – mmm mmm Bush and Vine good

    So last week I called my girlfriend Cathy and said, "You want to go pick some blueberries and blackberries?" She immediately said, "Where you going?" I said, "I think I'll go to Sheldon's cousins, at the Bush and Vine in York. You want to go?"

    Of course she said yes, and so our plan was hatched and next morning after I finished my chores, off we went to the Bush and Vine to pick our bounty.

  • Truckin' to the prom

    After he was invited to the Chester Community eighth-grade prom, Marty Catledge had to do one thing before before accepting...ask his wife if it was OK.
    Catledge isn't in eighth grade, hasn't been in a while, but he still had a secret admirer, or at least a secret admirer of his truck.
    The prom was this past Saturday. Kennia Feaster, an eight-grade student who possesses good grades, plays multiple sports and has a deep love of the Dallas Cowboys, had plans to attend but didn't want to arrive in a limo or sports car like most students.

  • Sitting down with the author of "Chiefs"

    Best-selling author Stuart Woods returned this past weekend to the town he created – sort of. Woods was in Chester as part of the celebration of the making of the CBS miniseries “Chiefs,” based on his novel of the same name.

  • His bike, his church

    A Chester County native, hailing from the small hamlet of Blackstock, he’s an avid thinker, doer and maker of things happening. A graduate of Chester High School and a retired Non-commissioned officer from the U.S. Army, he is a personal trainer, motorcyclist and former ROTC instructor. And, in his own words, he engages in “thinking of ways to enhance the community.”  

  • A sister adventure

    By the time this article is printed, Leah and Krista (or to use their “biker” names Tre and Stewart) Rittenhouse will will have their feet up somewhere in Georgia, resting their legs, calves and their minds, from a bike ride that began in Maryland.
    The young women, ages 25 and 23, respectively, recently passed through Chester County on their way to their ultimate destination, the Christian service community known as Jubilee Partners in Comer, Georgia. Natives of Mount Pleasant, PA, they started their journey in September in Maryland.