Community News

  • A dedicated event for community pride
  • Dr. W.T. Holmes to present history of Burrel Hemphill

    Local community leader Dr. W.T. Holmes is steeped in history. He is a member of the S.L. Finley Restoration Association, a fount of local community knowledge, the driving force behind the East Chester Renaissance Project and has worked to help shape Chester County’s future as a member of the Chester County Natural Gas board of directors.

    One piece of historical information is especially near and dear to his heart: he grew up on and worked the farm in Blackstock that was originally owned by his great grandfather.

  • Ready...Aim...Splash

    Every time you look around in the Chester community, Michael Halsey has an idea for a new and interesting event – the events started with the “Guns and Hoses” softball game that would pit firefighters against law enforcement (and that plan is still on the back burner, Halsey says), gathered steam with the idea for a Chester and Finley High School Athletic Hall of Fame (which is still being planned) and really gained speed with his idea for a Soapbox Derby-style race from the top of the Hill in Chester. That idea is also still in the works.

  • SCHP advises caution this July 4

    Imagine this: Travelling to see family on the 4th of July holiday, you get back behind the wheel of your car at a rest stop on the interstate. As you pull back into traffic, you put a blindfold on and without being able to see what’s in front of you or beside you, travel a few thousand yards down the busy interstate. This dangerous act is not something drivers would even think about doing, but every day, thousands of them do something just as dangerous, said Cpl. Bill Rhyne with the S.C. Highway Patrol.

  • Building a house and a program

    At the same time a York Tech construction class is building the first house that will be offered by the i58 Housing Initiative, a program started in the confines of Ember Church in Chester, the church is continuing to build the program that will make this house and other houses available to applicants, said Ember Pastor Kevin Taylor.

  • "The way we worked" Smithsonian exhibition opens Saturday

    Volunteers worked diligently on Thursday at Chester City Hall assembling the parts of the travelling exhibition of the Smithsonian Institution known as “The Way We Worked.” The exhibition of photographs and artifacts that examines work in America over the last 150 years opens June 24 and runs through Aug. 6.

    The event will begin on June 24 at 9:30 a.m. with the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the main exhibition at Chester City Hall.

  • Not just art ability but art "accessibility"

    The Fort Lawn Community Center has begun to offer more programs for adults and kids with special needs. Their Super Saturday social events have provided different activities for people with special needs. Beginning Monday, they are holding their second round of “Accessibility Art Camp” at the center. The camps aren’t so much about art ability as they are about “art accessibility.”

  • County events planned to complement Smithsonian Institute's "The Way We Worked" exhibit

    A travelling exhibit of the Smithsonian called “The Way We Worked” will visit Chester beginning June 24 through Aug. 6, and many community organizations have planned local events designed to complement the themes of that exhibit. The local events will begin in June and July and many of them will continue until the traveling exhibit leaves the county.

  • Repairing more than just homes

    They may swing hammers, turn wrenches and wield paintbrushes, but the teens and adults of the Salkehatchie Summer Service Chester Camp are repairing more than just homes; this week as they work in the heat making improvements to homes at three sites, they are repairing lives for some Chester County residents.

    Camp leader “Lt. Dan” Bilderback said the camp is smaller than in recent years; they have 29 campers working on site near West Chester School Road and Armenia Road.

  • Emergency Management provides tips on controlling mosquitoes

    As part of fulfillment of the requirements for a grant from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), the Chester County Emergency Management is informing the public about some ways to control mosquitoes.

    EMA Deputy Director Ed Darby said Chester County received a DHEC grant to purchase some mosquito control equipment.