Trash Container Ordinance

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                This week I received a letter from the City of Chester outlining a new ordinance regarding my rollout trashcan – where to roll it to, where to roll it from, and exactly what time to do both.  It also threatened me with loss of my can and a fine if I don’t comply.  Wonderful! I thought.  The town must be in great shape indeed if City Council has the time to put this much thought into the negative aesthetic value of my trashcan and its placement.  Employment and literacy must be up; crime must be down!  All the vacant and dangerously disintegrating corporate properties that were scattered all over town just last night must have been miraculously restored!  The underpaid and overworked police force must have finally received the support and relief they need!  Heavens to glory, the Christmas lights must finally be down!

                Seriously, once again, the well-meaning souls we have put in charge have decided to focus on something of great interest to a very few of us and bring down their mighty hammer while turning a blind and/or helpless eye on the stuff that really matters, great and small.  Honestly, how many Cestrians are this disturbed by the sight of a trash container still huddled at the curb 24 hours after pick-up?  (Anybody who cites ‘property values’ should be ashamed of themselves – unsightly trash containers are the least of the worries of anybody trying to sell a house right now.)  I think far more of us would prefer less crime in the streets, fewer public health hazards, and maybe a little less Christmas cheer after Mardi Gras.  I know the bigger problems seem insurmountable and that Council is making an effort, but it makes sense to me to stay focused on trying to solve them before going after something like this.  How much money was spent sending these letters out and, for that matter, paying Council members for the time spent crafting and passing the ordinance?  How much more money will be spent enforcing it?  Could no one on Council think of any better way to spend these funds?

                Filing for candidates for City Council closed last week; we’re entering a new election season.  This ordinance is the law, and every citizen is well advised to obey it, regardless of how trivial it might or might not seem .  But I for one will remember the priorities of the incumbents when I get to the voting booth, and I’ll be very curious to hear if their challengers agree. 

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I can understand your

I can understand your frustration, I had it too when I got the letter but latter on I realized that no matter how many problems the city administration has this letter is a beginning and complying with it sounds better to me than other reactions. I also read some interesting statistics on this trash removal NJ resource and I realized that we people work together we can easily see the difference, that's what the City Council wants from us and that's what I'll do. I am tired of complaining.

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This is Funny...Trash Containers ???

I will be moving to Chester with my Dad (who grew up in Chester) this summer and this has to be the most wasted space for type I've seen. "You take your trash out when it is time and afterward, you retrieve your container." Simple as that! If you leave the container on the curb after the trash has been picked up, sure YOU should be fined! AND if YOU continue, YOU should loose the container. That's the way it is is Columbia right now. No one wants to see containers on the curb when passing by. I believe the person who is upset is probably one who leaves the container on the curb and only thinks on herself and not the beautiful town Chester really is. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes personal responsibility!

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Well, if we take everything

Well, if we take everything else out of the picture and just leave this matter in our focus you'll have to admit it's a good change. Sure there are other important matters to solve and probably the priorities should have been different but one change at a time is also good and we should appreciate it. I find it weird though that the city asks you to handle the trash can, at Alexandria junk removal they have their own people to do that. I set this example as I am familiar with it, I lived in Alexandria for almost 5 years before I moved here.