Sheila Culp's drama to begin rehearsal

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By Brian Garner

For Sheila Culp, spreading the Christian message is best done from some sort of stage. Culp is the playwright who created the popular Christian drama Time Out, seen in Chester at different venues in years past.
She has just completed casting the parts for a sequel to the play, called Time Out/Word In.
Her plans are to tour the new production in several area churches and she'd like to present it in a venue like the Little Theater at Chester Park Elementary.
Culp is a veteran of several previous theater productions and describes herself as a “dedicated amateur,” but don't take that to mean she doesn't know what she's doing. She has produced plays and been involved in local theater for several years. She also plans to get involved in theater and performance in her life since retirement as a nurse.
“I love drama and I love theater. I recently put in an application to be a volunteer at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center,” she said.
The latest offering from Sheila Culp Productions builds on the success and the characters of Time Out.
“The play has a church setting, but it is based around a family. It's about how you can be spiritual or not be spiritual and be in the church. There's some tragic moments in the play, but there's a lot of comedy in it, too,” she said.
“The message of the drama is we're human, and the Christian Walk is a daily walk. There's space for error, but that's who we are,” Culp said.
She said the title, Time Out/Word In reflects both the nature of the previous Time Out production and the though that the Word endures beyond time.
Though the principal speaking parts for the play have been cast, Culp is still looking for dedicated people who want to be extras, including children.
“I'm not looking for experienced actors necessarily, just people who have their heart in doing this kind of drama,” Culp said.
Culp will direct the play and rehearsals will be held at the Billy Murphy Foundation on Center Street in Chester. Rehearsals will usually be held on Saturday mornings, with the frequency of rehearsals increasing the closer to time for the show to be presented.
The play is slated to be presented in August.
For more information, call Sheila Culp Productions at 803-374-4216 or 374-7489.