School district handles delays without incident

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By Brian Garner

The two-hour delay Tuesday brought about by the weather did not cause any problems for the Chester County School District.
Late Monday afternoon, the district issued a release stating they had decided to delay the opening of school for two hours.
'With wind-chill temperatures expected to be below zero tomorrow morning, the Chester County School District will operate on a two-hour delay to ensure the safety of students—especially for bus riders' the release said. Buses were running two hours later than their normal time.
The delay was for students only. Staff were instructed to report at their normal times.
Parents were urged to make sure their children were dressed in layers, because even though the sun was up, the temperatures were still low.
All after-school activities for Tuesday were cancelled due to concerns over the cold temperatures.
According to CCSD Associate Superintendent of Operations Jeff Gardner, the delay did not cause any problems across the district and in fact allowed the school district to get the school buses warmed up and ready before they began picking up students. He said there were some maintenance issues connected with the buses because of the cold temperatures.
“The buses were having a hard time getting started, so we were actually grateful for the delay. We had some issues with brakes being frozen and buses being hard to start, so the delay gave us time to get the buses ready and still make sure the students were safe,” Gardner said.
Citing the same issues about the readiness of buses in the cold weather, the district decided late Tuesday afternoon that they would be on a two-hour delay for Wednesday as well.