Kudos to officers

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Last Wednesday, two men came into my yard and were stealing some things from me. I went outside when my little dog alerted me that these men were in the yard. When I went to see what was happening, one of the men pepper-sprayed me and I didn’t get a good look at him. Even though it was hard to see, I took him to the ground, but the other man came up on me from the other side, and while I had one man down, the other man cut me in the back and the side. I managed to get him down on the ground as well and defended myself, getting wounded in the process. At one point the man sunk his teeth into my arm. The police later combed my yard looking for the teeth for DNA evidence. The suspects were able to get away. The police put out an APB for the suspects for hospitals from Heath Springs to Rock Hill and Charlotte.

I want to thank the law enforcement, EMS and firefighters that responded to help me, as well as the Chester Regional Medical Center and the staff at Lowrys Family Medicine, including my personal doctor, Dr. Poulous.

My neighbors across the road, the Boulware family, looked after me until the ambulance arrived.

I also want to thank Deputy Nix and Detective Brian Sanders from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

People often bad-mouth law enforcement around here, but these officers were awesome; they let me vent and cuss a bit, and then took my statement. They made a gallant effort trying to find these two men, but there is so much access in and out of Chester, there was no telling where they went or where they were from.

I want to tell everyone thank-you for their support. I never thought at 56-years-old, I’d ever have to fight like that again.

Everyone who heard about the attack has been asking if I am okay or if I need anything.

People are always saying Chester is nothing, a hole in the wall between Charlotte and Columbia; but they haven’t met the people I have. People around here have been awesome, from the first responders to the everyday Joe I see around. I want to thank them all very much.


Bobby Edwards