Enos’ Tale Number Three: A Fish Tale (Continued)

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By J. Nolan Etters

"I might as well tell you something about a fishing trip that I took in my little wooden boat down at Little River. I liked to fish because it was relaxing and often provided me, your grandparents and your  Uncle Charlie with a good supper. I didn’t have a fancy rod and reel. I fished with a plain old cane pole, and my bait was a can of worms.
"Well the fish were biting pretty good, but I ran out of bait and figured that I would have to go back to the river bank and dig up some more worms. Then suddenly I looked down over the side of my boat and saw a green snake with a little frog in its mouth. I said to myself, 'I’m gonna make you turn loose of that little frog, because I want to fish with it.'
Well, I reached down and grabbed that snake, but it didn’t turn loose of the frog. I was determined to make that snake turn loose of that frog. Well I had a bottle of moonshine with me. I ain’t never had a drink since that day.
"Well, I poured some of that moonshine into the snake’s mouth, and shore nuff, he let go of that little frog into my hand, and swam off down the river. I put the frog on the hook and managed to ketch three fish off that one frog. I was pretty happy, and then I heard a tap, tap, tapping on the side of my boat. It was that same green snake. It had another little frog in its mouth. It was wanting another drink!"

Enos’ Tale Number Four: Another Fish Tale (Continued)
"Talking about fishing – I’ve been fishing for about 35 years, and I know all about the angles and everything. Well the best way to ketch fish is to go to the river and find a deep hole – something about 20 feet deep, and if there is not a hollow log in there, you can git you one and put it down in there. Let the fish git going into that log. Well, then you git you up some pine or cedar lighter knot – a resin- enriched wood used for starting fires -- and you stop up one end of the hollow log with the highly flammable wood. Then you get you a sack and put it over the other end of the log. Git the lighten knots to burning. In a few minutes every one of them fish will come out of the log into the sack.
"Don’t make any noise while you are fixing the trap or you‘ll scare all of the fish out of that log, and remember it has to be in deep water because big fish stays in deep water. And if you will do that, I’ll guarantee that you’ll ketch very big fish in that log. I know, I’ve tried it."
"Uncle Enos, do you really think that people will believe that tall tale?" I said.
"Maybe children will." He responded. "Maybe children will…"
To be continued.
Etters, 73, is a Chester native and an occasional contributor to The News & Reporter. He can be reached at jnolanetters@bellsouth.net.