Dr. P.P. Raut is back

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By Denyse Clark, Reporter

Chester Regional Medical Center is proud to announce that Dr. Pratibha Premanand Raut, is again affiliated with the local hospital, said CEO Page Vaughan. Raut officially opened her practice, Chester GYN Associates, on Tuesday. The office is located across from the hospital's emergency room at One Medical Park Drive, Building 1, Suite D. Raut dedicated 39 consecutive years of service to the Chester hospital until she resigned to care for her husband, Dr. P.S. Raut, who practiced general surgery at the Chester County Hospital for 38 years. He passed away after a courageous cancer battle in May 2011. Dr. Pratibha Raut is a vital part of the longevity of the CRMC medical staff, Vaughan said. Her return to the local medical community is an asset for CRMC and its patients.
“She is a trained OB/GYN who does women's health and has seen generations of families here,” Vaughan said.
Chester GYN Associates is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The practice is accepting new patients and most insurance plans are accepted. Raut, a much respected physician in Chester, began her practice here nearly four decades ago, she said.
“Here in Chester, I joined in 1973 in January,” Raut said. “I was suppose to start in February but one of the doctors at the hospital called me in for a birth where they had a problem with the (umbilical) cord that was coming out. He called me and I did a C-section.”
Since that early start, Raut assisted in numerous births until the hospital's obstetrics unit closed more than a decade ago.
“I still miss OB,” Raut said. “It was part of my training and part of my life.”
Raut's office is equipped to perform most basic gynecological procedures on site. The office has four exam rooms, a sonogram machine and multiple microscopes for examining cultures and specimens. She performs surgeries at the hospital including hysterectomies, tubal ligations and removal of ovarian cysts, she said.
“Lots of things I can do here in the office rather than send patients to the hospital,” Raut said. “CAT scans and MRIs are done at the hospital. Pap smears are done routinely in the office.”
Raut is cautious about labeling samples collected in the office.
“I draw blood myself,” she said. “Any time I do any test, the patient's name is labeled then and there. Specimens are labeled as soon as they are collected.”
Raut is pleased to have had the opportunity to serve generations of women in Chester.
“I had one girl with three generations to come in,” she said. “They think you are part of the family – they bring you a cake, they kill a deer, they bring you meat. At Christmas, I used to get so much food, I had to put it in the freezer.”
Raut reflected fondly on a few “birthing incidents” she now looks back on and smiles.
“I delivered this big baby, 14 pounds,” Raut recalled with a chuckle. “The woman kicked me and she later apologized and said, 'I'm sorry I kicked you.' I told her, 'It's OK, you were having a baby.'”
Raut received her earliest training in obstetrics in Columbia before coming to Chester, she said.
“I delivered at Lexington Hospital and Richland Memorial,” Raut said. “When patients were in labor, I went and delivered. I also went to Baptist and Providence.”
Raut heard the Chester hospital was looking for a general surgeon and that's when she and her husband moved to Chester, she said. When asked why she chose to return to full-time medical practice rather than remain in retirement, Raut had an immediate answer.
“I'm physically and mentally capable,” she said. “I want to work as long as I can.”
For more information about Chester GYN Associates, call the office at 377-1171.