Darby seeks family information

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To the Editor:

I am the author of "After Charleston and Ferguson – Where Do We Go From Here?" I am visiting Chester County this weekend in search of my heritage. My grandfather, James Walker Darby, was the son of a slave. His father, John Darby, lived in Chester County  from 1845 to 1929.

My grandfather was born in 1882 and lived in Chester County. He moved to Gastonia, N.C. in 1929 until his death in 1976. I grew up in the household with him and learned many valuable lessons on race and culture. It is my desire to share the wisdom acquired from a son of a slave.

If you or your organization has information on a Darby plantation or where the Darby slaves were housed in Chester County, it would be appreciated. I can be contacted at 910-352-8943 or at jonah68@ gmail.com. Call if you have questions. May God bless.


Micheal J. Darby

North Carolina