Chronic pain dinner

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To the Editor:

A special thanks to Dr. James Stauffer and the participants who attended the Chronic Pain Awareness Dinner that was held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Market Building, 116 Columbia St.

Dr. Stauffer spoke on the lack of minerals, such as unrefined salt, magnesium and iodine, that can be the cause of our bodies' pain due to the craving of these minerals and how lower back pain is caused by the deterioration of disks and injury. It has been proven that with proper stretching and alignment you don't always have to have surgery.

One book of reference was "Salt Your Way to Health" by Dr. David Brownstein and the other was "Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth" by David Perlmutter and Kristin Loberg.

We also discussed exercising when you can as much as you can and water aerobics being the best form of exercise for most patients with chronic pain conditions.

A very special thanks to Clemson Extension for the use of the building, Mrs. Jennifer White-Hall for the delicious meal, Mrs. Gwen Carter for the beautiful decorations, Mr. Allen Chisholm with Bi-Lo for the cake and Ms. Viola Hudson for helping to plan this event.

Dr. James Stauffer is located at Chester Chiropractic, 599 Lancaster Road Suite C, and can be reached at 581-7246.


Tabatha Strother