And the fun continues...

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By Sharon Furr

For the past couple weeks I have been out of pocket, but I well remember closing my last articles with this:

"Get out, enjoy the summer, do something different, and just love what you're doing!"

And believe it or not, I have been doing just that. 

First up was the Total Solar! Terry, Mary Alice, Andi and myself had reservations at the Farm To Table event in Columbia at City Roots Farm for the day, and man was it a lot of fun! We began our celebration with a Low Country boil and paella party! We were provided with wines paired with our meal. Then we were given our glasses, which might I add were NASA approved, all while live music played in the background! It was a grand time, and a chance of a lifetime!

Next up, I went down to the coast with friends and just enjoyed the sights and sounds and peace that the ocean brings me. I have always told you all that the coast does something to me. It brings me peace. I am content. I am one with the feelings, sights, sounds and smells the sea offers up to me. It wakes my senses and gives me a sense of who I really am.

Our days were filled with just pure enjoyment. We went to the market, swam in the ocean every day, ate great foods, drank amazing wines and just reveled in the moment of being away and in the vast beauty the ocean provides, not to mention the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we were able to experience daily. Time passes quickly though when I am at the coast, oh too quickly for me... if only!

Next up was opening day of dove season! And I know what you're thinking, "Sharon, no! You can't kill anything!" And you're right! Many of you know I shoot weekly at Rocky Creek. Well, skeet shooting and shooting clays is one thing – nothing dies, right? But since I was asked to go, nothing do but I go to the dove hunt.

To tell you the truth, I hadn't been to one in probably 37 years! Yes, I did say 37 years ago when I was about 14 years old! Just couldn't deal with hurting anything then, and still to this day can't stand hurting anything, so I just wasted my shells, but had a great time!   

Over the past weekend I battened down the hatches and filled up all the gas cans getting prepared for the worst of Irma's wrath! I checked on all the fences and just made a last-ditch effort to make sure things looked okay with the hurricane beating down on us. Today, all of us here in the South have weathered Irma but others didn't fare as well as we did. So, if you have any free time, continue to lift up all those in Irma's path and wake of devastation!

Lately, my days have been filled with laughter, joy, happiness, great times and great friends! Just PRICELESS! 

I will end as I began – get out, have fun, do something different, enjoy and just love what you're doing, if just for a little while! Until next time, ciao!


Sharon Furr is a Charlotte native but has been living and farming in Chester County since 2000.